Animation for Illustration: Design Easy GIFs for Your Instagram Stories in Procreate

By Iva Mikles •  Updated: Jul 13, 2020 •  Online Classes

Learn to animate your own GIFs collection for your Instagram stories, website, YouTube videos and presentations.

It’s so much fun when you see your illustrations moving! With Procreate, creating simple animations has never been easier.

Learn to Animate Your Own Gifs Collection

Has it ever happened to you that you were making Insta stories and you wanted to put fun gifs to your video? But you couldn’t find anything that would fit your style, taste and your brand? 

Or you wanted to make simple animations and use them on your website, in your YouTube videos or ads?

Well then, this class is for you!

What Students Say?

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“I loved this class, I never tried animation before and this class explained some basic steps in a very clear way! Thank you”

Anna, Student

What You Will Learn

In this class, you will learn:

After finishing this class you will know how to design your own animated illustrations in Procreate 5. You will expand your skills and even your portfolio. 

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