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Hi, I am Iva*!

*rhymes with "viva"

I'm the artist behind Art Side of Life. I'm all about helping you get your creative groove on with Procreate and make awesome art! So on my website, I share Procreate classes, tutorials, brushes, and guides on art tools, supplies, and resources. Ready to create and make amazing art? Then explore, join and have fun ♡

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Iva Mikles

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Highly recommended

"Thank you for this amazing class. You have explained a huge amount of art theory in such a fun and engaging way. I really appreciate how well you have shown these concepts by using your lovely examples. Highly recommend this class for anyone looking to improve their artwork. Thank you again :)"

- Misha Thron

Very inspiring

"This class is very inspiring, thank you very much Iva! It was my first lesson on Procreate ever (I’ve learnt to use it by myself so far) and I have learnt quite a few useful tips although I considered myself quite advanced in my knowledge of the software. I like how we are able to test different way of doing things and make a project in our own style if we wish. And seascapes is such a good subject because you can do pretty much anything with it. This class is definitely suited for all levels!"

- Lara Emilie Wieser

Treasure trove

"This class felt like a treasure trove! Iva gives so many examples and you'll already learn a lot by just drawing along. I really like that the course is organized based upon poses ( sitting, running etc.) both in 3/4 view and front view. The organization of lessons makes it easy to just follow parts of the course and save the rest for later. I would definitely recommend the class if you want to practice your character drawings and especially their poses."

- Marjet

Really helpful, accessible, and inspiring

"I was always interested to draw people and always thought it was going to be a difficult task. This class changed it! I' able to draw really cute characters now and I can't stop. So happy to have taken this class. Really helpful, accessible, and inspiring :)"

- Rebecca Medina

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