Easy Doors Illustration in Procreate: Drawing on iPad with Prompts

By Iva Mikles •  Updated: Apr 27, 2022 •  Online Classes

Do you also love to illustrate and you are always on the lookout for new prompts and inspiration?  

Then this class is for you!

7-Day Urban Sketching Challenge

In our 7-day urban sketching challenge, we will go on an adventure of traveling through art and you will learn a fun and easy way how to create quick sketches and colorful scenes inspired by beautiful locations.

What do Students Say?

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“Iva has a knack for taking a complicated design and showing how it can be simplified, if you want it that way, or how to successfully build up a fairly complex scene. I love her enthusiasm and clear intent for the student to succeed.”

Jane, Student

What You Will Learn

You will learn:

You will be applying your new skills in a fun project, illustrating doors by using seven location prompts. I believe drawing doors is a great way to try and start with urban sketching because they are less complex than full houses, streets, and towns.

Basic Procreate knowledge is helpful but not necessary for this class as I will guide you through it.

So without further ado, let’s start.

See you in the class.

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