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Audio Course: Rediscover Your Creativity

By Iva Mikles •  Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023 •  Online Classes • Audio Courses

Join me on an exploration of personal creativity and learn how to generate compelling creative ideas and get unstuck when dealing with the creative block!


Spark Your Creative Productivity

In the course, we will go through and discuss a few basic ideas and exercises to help kick-start your creative energy and fill those blank spaces with new, beautiful, and imaginative ideas – whether they be images, words, music, or anything else!

What Students Say?

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“Amazing class! I listened to it during my commute to work. The childhood exercises brought up some great memories. Iva’s upbeat personality and the way how she teaches inspired me to pick up some of my long-lost creative ideas. Thank you, Iva.”

Dominique, Student

What You Will Learn

What You Will Get

Hi, I am Iva (rhymes with “viva”). I am an artist, illustrator, founder of Art Side of Life®, and Top Teacher on Skillshare. Since 2009 I've worked as an illustrator, character designer, art director, and branding specialist focusing on illustration, storytelling, concepts, and animation. I believe that we are all creative in infinite numbers of ways, so I've made it my mission to teach you everything I know and help either wake up or develop your creative genius. Learn more about me.