AUDIO: Rediscover Your Creativity

The ability to think creatively is infinitely valuable — it can be the key to unlocking powerful new opportunities to help you get ahead at work or in life. 

Join me on an exploration of personal creativity and learn how to generate compelling creative ideas and get unstuck when dealing with the creative block!


What Students Say?

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“Amazing class! I listened to it during my commute to work. The childhood exercises brought up some great memories. Iva’s upbeat personality and the way how she teaches inspired me to pick up some of my long-lost creative projects. Thank you, Iva.”

Dominique, Student

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize your creative strengths
  • Optimize your workspace
  • Identify your creative influences
  • Reframe negative thoughts
  • Overcome creative blocks
  • Get your creative juices flowing
  • Brainstorm your next project

What You Will Get

  • More than 90 minutes of audio lessons
  • Imagination lessons
  • Creative workbooks

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