POPULAR: How to Make Money as an Artist

Learn how to make money as an artist and start with the creative career you will love!

Have you ever wondered, if and how you can make money by making art? Or you are already making a living and want to expand your income with your creative side projects.

Either way, this class is for you!

17 Proven Ways to Creative Career You Will Love

In this class, you will learn about 17 proven ways how you can make money as an artist. And there is more! The possibilities will grow exponentially if you combine them … all

You will learn:

  • 17 proven ways how to make money as an artist and how much you could potentially earn 
  • What are their characteristics, advantages and what you can expect
  • How you can start and sustain each one of them and most importantly your creative lifestyle

What Students Say?

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“This worth it every single second. The advice based on personal and other artist experiences made an outstanding mix of tips for artists of any level. Also, another cool thing is that Iva uses words and a way of explanation that is super simple at the same time that it is useful. I would also say that this course complements in a very good way the Art Side of Life Youtube interviews. Highly recommended course. Thank you, Iva! Keep it up with the humbleness of sharing the gems of the creative careers!”

Manuel, Student

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction. If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I live from making art and how?” this class is for you. Iva from Art Side of Life podcast tells you how chatting with over 200 creative professionals helped her to gain insights from their different journeys
  • Job in a Company. You will learn about having a job in a company and being an artist employee
  • Being a Freelance artist. You will understand how to be a freelance artists
  • Private Commissions. You will get a sense of how private commissions work and what to consider when accepting them
  • Print on Demand. You will learn what print on demand websites are and why they are so interesting
  • License Your Art. You will learn about what is art licensing and how it works
  • Stock Platforms. You will understand what they are and why you may want to sell your art through them
  • Having Patrons on Patreon. You will get an understanding of why the patron model still works today
  • Selling Your Own Products on Etsy. You will get a feeling for why selling your art through Etsy may be an interesting option for you
  • Selling Your Art in the Galleries. You will learn about what are some important things you need to do in order to exhibit and sell in galleries
  • Google AdSense. You will get an idea of how Google AdSense can generate a nice passive income for you
  • Sponsorships. You will learn about the role of sponsors when you are a content creator
  • Affiliate Deals. You will start seeing how your favorite art products and services may reward you for promoting them to your fans
  • Self Publishing a Book on Amazon. You will learn why self-publishing a book through Amazon may be a great way to make money
  • Crowdfunding. You will get a sense of crowdfunding option and how it could make your dreams come true when it comes to releasing your art projects
  • Teaching Art. You will understand the advantage of sharing your knowledge about art and your art process with the others
  • Creating a Membership website. You will learn why a membership site may be a great way to build and live from a close-knit community
  • Finding the Right Fit for You. Knowing yourself and what you want from your life is the number one step when considering which way of making money as an artist is right for you. I will give you a couple of tools so you can ask yourself important questions and get a sense of your own direction

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