Ep.135: Zac Retz on waking up at 4am and following your dreams

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Hey, guys! In this episode, I am chatting with Zac Retz, a visdev artist working in film and game industry with SONY Pictures Animation, Dreamworks, Laika, and others. He is most known for his real-life observation paintings on his Instagram.

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Key Takeaways

“You can’t have excuses if it’s something you really want to do. Just make it happen! You don’t want to be sitting at the same spot in 30 years, regretting, “oh, I wish I did that!”

  • First job Zac found was at Barnes & Noble. He went to the kids’ books section, made a list of 20-30 publishers and emailed them all and got 1 job offer.
  • Zac is practicing his observation skills every day which sets him apart because it makes his artworks much more believable
  • Zac wakes up at 4 am every morning, goes for a quick walk to wake up and then works on freelance projects before going to work

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Special thanks to Zac for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Zac Retz, used with permission

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