Ep.63: Talia Zoref and her journey to working with Vogue, ELLE, Glamour, HM, Gucci and Moschino

With a great passion for fashion, Talia Zoref creates art for big brands like Vogue, ELLE, Cosmo, Glamour, HM, Gucci, MAC or Moschino. Inspired by the fashion world, she illustrates all the latest runway looks from the fashion weeks, new collections and the magical environment in this industry.

Talia seamlessly combined Fashion Design and Graphic Design studies into a creative profession. This way she brings the wonderful connection between art and fashion in the popular sector. Her illustrations are frequently shared by the creatives and brands in the industry including legends like Donatella Versace, Valentino, and Moschino. You can find her latest pieces on her Instagram account.

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Knowing how to use Color and Light in your artworks is one of the best skills to learn as an artist because it will help you take your artworks from good to great.

Key Takeaways

“Follow your dreams, you can always do what you love. It’s not about who you know. I came from a place where I didn’t know anyone and I just did it myself. If you need to know somebody, just reach out, with the help of the internet you can reach out to anyone … “

  • Talia remembers she always loved art and fashion and she wanted to be a fashion designer. She studied fashion design in Toronto where she found out that what she really loves is the illustration side and not the design part. She just didn’t have the patience to saw the dress
  • She has been a blogger since 15 years old and later a journalist and she still contributes to many magazines. What she really connect with was art and fashion
  • Best advice Talia received was to be consistent, to believe in your dreams, to work hard and practice a lot. And don’t be afraid to ask what you deserve. In creative industry, they try to take advantage of you, but don’t let them … it’s a lot about the value you provide
  • She learned to value herself more by stepping back and looking at what she has achieved and has done. This perspective usually gives you more understanding and confidence.
  • Study different areas – communication, business, advertising, social media and quality of your product. All of these areas give you a little bit in different parts of your journey.
  • Talia wants to make a change, make people appreciate fashion as art more. Fashion is a mass production industry, but it’s all about the beauty of it in the first place.

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Special thanks to Talia for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Talia Zoref, used with permission

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