Best Tablet with Pen Stylus for Drawing in 2022

By Iva Mikles •  Updated: May 24, 2022 •  Guides

So today I’m going to draw upon my own experience and talk about the best drawing tablets with pens on the market today.

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If you’re in a hurry and want to fast forward, here are my top two choices overall:

My Pick
NEW Apple iPad Pro (12.9″, WiFi, 512GB)

The best iPad for drawing and Procreate

Apple M1 Processor for next-level performance :: 12.9-inch liquid retina display for superior color, contrast, and brightness :: Light and extremely strong :: Up to 10 hours battery life :: Early 2021 model

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Windows Pick
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13″ Tablet

Best Windows Standalone Drawing Tablet

13 Inch PixelSense Flow touchscreen with 2880x1920 Resolution :: Intel Core i9 processor :: 16GB RAM :: 512GB SSD Storage :: Premium fit and finish :: Great surface for drawing :: Windows 11 :: Late 2021 model

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My Pick
Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

Second Generation Apple Pencil :: Best Drawing and Painting Experience :: Compatible with: iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th, 4th and 3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd and 1st generation), iPad Air (5th and 4th generation) and iPad mini (6th generation)

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For Surface Tablets
Microsoft Surface Pen

For Surface Pro 8, 7, 6 Surface Laptop 3 Surface Book 2 Laptop 2 Surface Go Studio 2 Pro 5 Pro 4 | 4096 Pressure Points | Different colors

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Table of Contents

There are few things I get asked about more often than drawing tablets with pen styluses, with so many students, friends and acquaintances asking me for recommendations on the best tablet with stylus for drawing, painting or even general use.

We will first define exactly what we mean by an art tablet with stylus, pen or pencil, then talk about what you should look for in your own next tablet, and then I will list my top choices in the four major platforms – Windows, Apple, Android and Chromebook.

So let’s get into it, with this buyer’s guide for the best tablets with digital pencils or pens, and hopefully answer some basic questions, like:

What’s the best tablet with pen stylus for drawing?

What tablet and stylus combination do you recommend?

Which stylus pen is best for tablets?

Is the S Pen as good as the Apple Pencil?

How much does a good tablet with stylus cost?

What Is a Tablet with Pen Stylus?

As I thought about the many people who have asked me for recommendations for the best tablet and stylus combination, I began to realize that they may be asking about a couple of different things:

  1. A tablet which comes with its own pen, pencil or stylus, and has a really nice and optimized drawing (or painting, writing or other usage) experience
  2. Or a tablet which actually does not include or come with a pen, but that has an excellent stylus or styluses available for it, and offers a similarly great experience for art or any other work

So we’ll talk about both in this buyer’s guide for best tablets with pens, and this will allow us to include the very best tablets on the market today – after all, if we only included tablets packaged together with pens, ones where you don’t have to get a separate stylus, we couldn’t even mention Apple, or Microsoft Surface, or…

But, of course, if we’re assembling a list of best art tablets, or best tablets for anybody, and want to really focus on superb tablet/pen interaction and usefulness, we simply have to include Apple and Microsoft!

What to Look For in the Best Art Tablet with Pen?

I’ve written lots of articles on tablets already, but here we’re really going to focus on a tablet with pen stylus for drawing, so ones that have great digital pencils or pens, and with especially good pen to screen interaction. And, since I’m an artist, and this is an art site, I will undoubtedly talk a great deal about how they work with art applications and creating and working on art

But I should make it clear right from the start that the exact same tablet and pen combos that offer a great experience for an artist will also be great for any other use or user, and you can safely buy and happily use any of my recommendations whether you’re an artist or not, and end up with the best tablet and pen available.

So yeah, that’s really what we’re looking for, and what I recommend focusing on if you want to find the best tablet with pen for art or any kind of use – a great interaction between the pen and tablet. And what this means, more specifically, is that our ideal tablet / pen packages will have a couple of basic attributes:

A perfectly designed and made pen 

One that is well made and substantial (without being too heavy), feels great in the hand and has a well shaped tip and is tilt and pressure sensitive

A tablet with a working surface (that is, the surface of the touchscreen) that is optimized for use with a stylus

Probably every single tablet claims to have a screen that is perfect for using a stylus with, and a great pen to screen experience, but it ain’t always so, and some really stand out as being far superior

The ideal synergy between pen and tablet

Often this means getting a tablet and pen from the same company – like an iPad and Apple Pencil, for example – but whatever the case, our picks will not just have a great pen and a great working surface on the tablet, but that special interplay between the two that makes drawing, painting, retouching art and photos, writing and taking notes, even scrolling pages and selecting menus and links easier, more natural and intuitive, and will do things like palm rejection without any effort on your part.

We also want tablets and pens that do everything else, like navigating, selecting, highlighting and moving things, choosing menus and commands, and hopefully most or all other functions that come up in normal computer use.

As you can imagine – and not just if you’re an artist – finding the best digital pen and tablet combination can really up your game, and make all work and play so much more fun and effective.

How to Find the Best Tablet with Pen for You and Your Needs

Well, I guess you could just go to a bunch of different stores, pick up lots of different tablets tied to the counters with those springy security cords, and in probably each case ask a clerk for the corresponding stylus, then kind of dab at the screen for a few minutes with a serious and confident expression on your face.

Or you could brew a strong cup of coffee, and then spend a few hours (or days, weeks, whatever) looking at countless product pages on the web and poring through endless customer reviews and product descriptions.

But I’m here to save you from all of that!

I have used every single tablet on the market today – well, maybe not, but sometimes it sure feels like it!

I have used a lot, though, from all the main companies and major operating systems, and have a very clear idea of which tablet and pen combinations are good, or great, or even something quite special. I have also talked a lot to my friends and colleagues about this, as well as my students, and yes, I myself have spent more time that I want to realize reading reviews and product pages.

And so I have put together a list of the best tablets with digital pens on the market today. These recommendations will be organized by platform, as follows:

And in each case I’ll try to give both a best-of-the-best-recommendation and a lower price pick, one that may be more affordable but is still a fabulous choice.

And, as I mentioned in the beginning, I’m not going to limit my choices to only those tablets which come prepackaged with an included stylus, since to do so would exclude some of the very best tablet / stylus combos on the market today. But if you need to purchase the recommended stylus separately, I will make that very clear in the text.

So let’s get right into our buyer’s guide for the best tablet and digital pen combinations for artists and everybody else!

Overview: Best Tablet with Pen Stylus for Drawing in 2022

Best Apple Tablets with Pens

Best Overall

My Pick
NEW Apple iPad Pro (12.9″, WiFi, 512GB)

The best iPad for drawing and Procreate

Apple M1 Processor for next-level performance :: 12.9-inch liquid retina display for superior color, contrast, and brightness :: Light and extremely strong :: Up to 10 hours battery life :: Early 2021 model

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My Pick
Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

Second Generation Apple Pencil :: Best Drawing and Painting Experience :: Compatible with: iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th, 4th and 3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd and 1st generation), iPad Air (5th and 4th generation) and iPad mini (6th generation)

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First off, I should say that it really doesn’t matter which iPad you get – at least not in terms of excellence in tablet to stylus interaction and effectiveness as a combined package.

All of the iPad tablets work wonderfully with the Apple Pencil, with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a full 60 degrees of tilt sensitivity, palm recognition and the ability to not just draw, right, edit and retouch, but also to do all basic navigation and control functions smoothly, easily and intuitively.

So why am I recommending the big 12.9 inch iPad Pro in particular? Simple – it is the best tablet on the market today!

I am an Apple person, and a commercial artist, so might be a bit biased, but Apple in general has a tablet experience that is so simple and intuitive, so fun and satisfying, and so incredibly usable, useful and powerful, that it really stands out from any other tablets out there.

Apple iPad tablets also have the most powerful, incredibly versatile and talented art applications you can get – from surprisingly useful free apps to the inexplicably inexpensive ProCreate and all the way up to the professional level full art productivity suite from Adobe – not to mention a huge range of amazing and beautifully designed software of all other types.

And the Apple iPad Pro is the best of them all, with an even faster and more powerful central processor, an intensely beautiful and accurate large Liquid Retina display screen coupled with equally fast and powerful graphics processing, and an exceptionally luxurious look and feel that sets it apart from even the other decidedly premium iPad models.

The feeling of the Apple Pencil against the iPad Pro touchscreen’s working surface is just indescribable – it’s not just that there is a perfect amount of smooth, easy flow, and at the same time a perfect amount of resistance and feedback, but the stunning ultra high resolution Liquid Retina screen makes the interaction and the work so much more precise and effective – and so much more delightful!

The best, most powerful and most beautiful tablet in Apple’s line, coupled with a superb active stylus, the iPad Pro and Apple Second Generation Pencil are absolutely my top recommendation for the best Apple iPad with Pencil for drawing or any artwork, and is recommended with equal enthusiasm for any other user.

And again, for the sake of clarity, the Apple iPad Pro does not come bundled with the Apple Pencil 2, which must be purchased separately. You also might want to consider getting the Apple Magic Keyboard, which will both protect your precious iPad and make it even more useful as a personal computer.

Best Affordable

Affordable Pick
NEW Apple iPad Air (10.9″, WiFi, 256GB)

Best iPad for drawing and Procreate if you are on a budget or you are a student / beginner

Latest M1 processor :: 10.9-inch liquid retina display for superior color, contrast, brightness :: Light & extremely strong :: Premium fit & finish :: Up to 10 hours battery life :: Early 2022 model

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You would do really well to consider any one of the iPad models, with the correspondingly compatible Apple Pencil, as a great choice for a tablet and stylus package, and while the Pro is the best, any of the other choices would make an ideal affordable option.

The Apple iPad Air, for example, has the same fast and powerful processor as the iPad Pro, and a slightly downgraded, but still absolutely stunning, Liquid Retina display, and is an awesome premium art tablet with amazing synergy with the Apple Pencil 2 (sold separately).

Basic model
NEW Apple 10.2-inch iPad (WiFi, 256GB)

Often overlooked iPad, but an affordable gem for Artists

Apple A13 Processor for Fast, Reliable Performance :: 10.2 inch Retina Display for Excellent Color, Contrast, Brightness :: Light and Extremely Strong :: Premium Fit and Finish :: All Day Battery Life

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And for the most affordable option, the standard Apple iPad is still a great choice – an amazingly solid and reliable tablet that looks and feels great in the hand and has a nicely sized 10.2 inch Retina display – not as deep and sharp as the Liquid Retina, but still a gorgeous and highly accurate screen. The pen to screen experience is also first rate, with the original first generation Apple Pencil, and the price is really low!

NEW Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 256GB)

Best cheapest and smallest iPad I recommend for drawing and Procreate

Apple A15 Processor for Best-in-Class Performance :: 8.3 inch Liquid Retina Display for Superior Color, Contrast, Brightness :: Light and Extremely Strong :: Premium Fit and Finish :: Up to 10 Hours Battery Life

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But if it were me, I would strongly consider the Apple iPad Mini – a darling little tablet (well, not that little – still a respectable 8.3 inches) that also features its own Liquid Retina screen, a fast processor, really great front and rear cameras, brilliant stereo sound and an absolutely amazing solidity and usability for its size. 

Though the iPad Mini has less work area, there’s still that amazing pen to screen feeling with the separately purchased Apple Pencil 2, and in fact for a lot of people this super-light and small tablet can be even nicer and easier to hold and work on.

So any of these would be great choices, but for a small personal tablet coupled with a fantastic pencil, making a package that is so easy to hold and use, and to pack and take with you anywhere, the Apple iPad Mini and Apple Pencil 2 are pretty tough to beat  – and for probably far less money than you might imagine!

Best Windows Tablets with Pens

Best Overall

Best for Artists
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 with Wacom Pro Pen 2

16" Touchscreen 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) display, Windows 10, Intel Core i7, 512GB SSD: Second Generation

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Here we have to make a bit of a distinction:

The Wacom MobileStudio Pro is the finest art tablet available, and the default choice for professional artists and art studios on the very top tier. The amazing ultra high definition display monitor is a touchscreen with astonishing accuracy and sensitivity, and the pen to screen interaction is second to none.

A big, heavy and absolutely solid professional grade tablet, the 16 inch MobileStudio Pro allows for the highest levels of precision, consistency and pure creative flow, and the Pro Pen 2 works so beautifully on the tablet’s work surface, with such ease of movement and at the same time a level of tactile feedback that makes the most precise, intricate and detailed work not only possible, but much easier.

So if you are on the Windows platform and want the best tablet and pen for drawing, painting, photography, video work, animation, 3D work, technical drawing, or any other art or creative process, the Wacom MobileStudio Pro, with included Pro Pen 2, is the best.

And while it’s not, by any stretch, an inexpensive machine, it is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Professional Pick
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 with Wacom Pro Pen 2

Best Professional Standalone Drawing Tablet

13.3 Inch WQHD Touchscreen Display :: Intel Core i7 :: 16GB RAM upgradeable :: 512GB SSD upgradeable :: Professional artists' choice :: Windows 10 :: Early 2020 model

The bigger model is Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16

Get it on Amazon

You can also consider the smaller (but still pretty huge) Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 with Wacom Pro Pen 2 – an equally talented and (slightly) more affordable tablet / stylus package, and still a professional art tool at the very highest level.

Windows Pick
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13″ Tablet

Best Windows Standalone Drawing Tablet

13 Inch PixelSense Flow touchscreen with 2880x1920 Resolution :: Intel Core i9 processor :: 16GB RAM :: 512GB SSD Storage :: Premium fit and finish :: Great surface for drawing :: Windows 11 :: Late 2021 model

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For Surface Tablets
Microsoft Surface Pen

For Surface Pro 8, 7, 6 Surface Laptop 3 Surface Book 2 Laptop 2 Surface Go Studio 2 Pro 5 Pro 4 | 4096 Pressure Points | Different colors

Buy Now on Amazon

But if instead you want the best Windows tablet and pen combination overall, a full featured computer designed to be the ultimate experience for personal use, and which is also a truly top level art tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the clear choice.

With the most advanced, sharpest and most accurate display of any Surface computer – the PixelSense Flow touchscreen monitor, with incredible depth and detail, and industry standard color calibration and accuracy – as well as the latest generation Intel Core (I5 or I7) processor and Intel Iris graphics chipset, the Surface Pro 8 is a serious machine in every aspect.

It is also a seriously overbuilt tablet, with a light but rigid chassis that not only ensures day to day and long term durability, but makes work even more precise, effective, consistent and easy. 

The way the tablet works with either the Microsoft Surface Pen or the newer Surface Slim Pen 2 (must be purchased separately) is just wonderful, with simple, intuitive and easy to master gestures and buttons which allow for navigation, control, settings and selection and a bunch of useful options, and full pressure sensitivity and tilt control for the best creative flow and expressivity. note taking latest ipad pro google searches and videos

And the tip of the pen and the surface of the Surface were made for each other, and offer that optimal balance of ease of movement and slight resistance that facilitates control, precision and creative flow at the highest levels.

Really, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a superb tablet in every way, and especially with the Microsoft Surface pens it is a wonderful tool and really the perfect personal computer – not just for an artist, but for absolutely anybody.

Not the most expensive Microsoft Surface, and not by a long shot the most expensive tablet on the market, the Surface Pro 8 is considered by many people (especially those who already have one) as not just the best overall tablet, but maybe the best personal computer on the market today – especially when paired with the Microsoft Surface Pen or Surface Slim Pen 2 and the amazing Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard.

It is certainly my top choice for best Windows tablet with pen overall on the market today.

Best Affordable

Microsoft Surface Go 3

10.5" Touchscreen - Intel® Core™ i3 - 8GB Memory - 128GB SSD

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For Surface Tablets
Microsoft Surface Pen

For Surface Pro 8, 7, 6 Surface Laptop 3 Surface Book 2 Laptop 2 Surface Go Studio 2 Pro 5 Pro 4 | 4096 Pressure Points | Different colors

Buy Now on Amazon

It’s not just me – everybody who has bought a Microsoft Surface tablet thinks they are just the bee’s knees. Ok, they may not actually say “bee’s knees,” but they’re thinking it.

Seriously, if you have a Surface, or have used one for any time at all, you know what I mean – the intelligent and highly useful design, the premium look and feel, the incredibly performance and the physical and operational reliability all come together to make the Surface the finest line of Windows tablets (as well as laptops and desktops) available today.

And one of the best things about the Surface line is the consistency from top to bottom, as we see in the superior build quality and amazing performance of the least expensive Surface, the Go 3.

In our recommended configuration, the Microsoft Surface Go 3 has a super-fast Intel i3 processor (not as blazingly fast as the Pro 8 above, but latest generation, and top level for its price range) and an also very fast, and highly reliable, SSD hard drive with 128GB of storage – a perfect size for people who combine both cloud computing and local work and storage.

The RAM memory is actually the same as the Pro 8, at 8GB, and is also very fast, and with very long battery life this is quite a powerful and high level computer, not to mention very, very easy to use.

And with the Microsoft Surface Pen or the cool new Surface Slim Pen 2 it is an enormously useful and practical machine – even more so with the Surface Go Type Cover, which is a beautifully made and intelligently designed keyboard that also protects your Surface. Remember that the pencils and the keyboard are not included with the Go 3, and must be purchased separately.

In some ways the Go 3 is very much like the Surface Pro 8, and surprisingly close in the beauty and accuracy of its display, and certainly in the premium look and feel, toughness and long term reliability. And it is pretty much the same in terms of the usefulness of the Microsoft Pen on its touchscreen, not only offering great general functionality but also absolute precision and incredible flow you can experience when creating art.

One of the best values on the market today, and a very advanced computer at a very low price, the Microsoft Surface Go 3, in concert with the Surface Pen, is the best affordable tablet and pen combination I know for artists as well as for general use – a fantastic personal computer, and very highly recommended.

Best Android Tablets with Pens

Best Overall

NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Android Tablet

12.4” Large AMOLED Screen, 128GB - 256GB Storage, Wi-Fi 6E, Ultra Wide Camera, S Pen Included, Long Lasting Battery

Buy Now on Amazon

Just as the choices for best Apple tablet with pen – the iPad Pro – and best Windows tablet with pen – the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – are crystal clear, so is the choice for the best Android tablet with pen for drawing: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+.

One big difference, however, is the price. Yeah, the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 8 are great values, considering their premium quality, the wonderful interaction between their pens and work surfaces, and their performance on pretty much every level, but they are still on the high end of the price range.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, though, is well under a thousand dollars in its basic configuration, and that includes the award winning Samsung S Pen.

Sure, the Android platform is not as powerful, or for some as ultimately useful, as Windows or iPadOS, but these days there is less and less difference, and now you can – and so many people do – use a powerful Android tablet like the Tab S8+ for all of their computing needs, and even for creating and working on art at a very high level.

This is especially true with the S8+, when used together with the (included) S Pen – the physical feeling, with perfect resistance and feedback, and at the same time real flow and ease, is definitely on the level of both Apple and Microsoft, and the Tab S8+ may be even more smartly and completely engineered as far as overall pen usage, with navigation, controls and functions – on the operating system and on almost every app – so well thought out, intuitive and useful.

And since this Samsung tab comes with such a glorious screen, with Quad HD plus resolution, deeply saturated and highly accurate colors and an unparalleled range of light values, and accuracy in geometry and relationships that no other Android tablet can come close to, this is a fantastic art tablet with pen, as much as it is a great personal computing device.

A strong, solid and well built product, with a premium appearance overall, a beautiful screen, rich and musical high fidelity sound, excellent front and rear cameras, plenty of memory and fast processing, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ with its included S Pen is simply the best Android tablet on the market today.

And if you also get the smart, sturdy and super light Samsung Keyboard Cover, you may not even need a separate PC anymore!

Best Affordable

Value Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung S-Pen Included

Display size: 10.4-Inch | Display resolution: 2000 x 1200 (WUXGA+) | Internal memory: 4GB(RAM) + 64/128GB | microSD support | Exceptional battery life

Buy Now on Amazon

We could easily choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as the best bargain alternative to the S8+, since for about 200 dollars less the only sacrifices you make are a slightly smaller screen (11 inches instead of 12.4) and a slightly smaller battery (8,000 mAh instead of 10,090 – but still up to 14 hours of battery life!) – still the same super fast processing, beautiful graphics and great stereo sound, and still the same superior work experience with the included S Pen.

But in my mind the real bargain here is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – mainly because it is not a couple hundred dollars less, but more like five hundred less than an S8+, and still comes with the best stylus – the stellar Samsung S Pen.

And the S6 Lite is also a substantial, overbuilt tablet with premium look and feel, in that fine Samsung tradition. While it isn’t quite as sharp or detailed, the Lite offers a still beautiful full HD display resolution, and has glorious colors – in terms of accuracy, saturation, range and life – especially given its almost bargain basement price.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is an imminently usable drawing tablet for pretty much any artist, especially with the S Pen, and a perfect choice for art students, beginners, anybody on a budget or (and I love this idea!) as a sturdy, reliable backpack tablet with pen for drawing and sketching anytime inspiration strikes.

But while we’re obviously focusing on artists and their needs and usage, the S6 Lite is – like any other choice on our list of best tablet and digital pen combinations – an equally good and valid choice for any other user, and the way the S Pen works not only for visual art, but for scrolling, selecting, navigating, menus, links and pretty much all functionality, makes this an enormously desirable tablet for everybody, and a joy to use.

A well made, well designed tablet with specs and real world performance well beyond what you might expect at this price, and with not just the best Android digital pen going, but a brilliantly conceived and realized pen to screen interaction and overall user interface, the Samsung GalaxyTab S6 Lite is the best affordable Android tablet with pen on the market today, and quite possibly the best value you can get.

Since the S Pen is included at no extra cost, you might want to consider investing some of the money you saved on a useful and protective keyboard cover, like the well designed and well made – and super affordable –  Fintie Keyboard Case.

Best Chromebook Tablets with Pens

Best Overall

My Pick
Acer Spin 713 2-in-1 Chromebook with 13.5 Inch 2K VertiView Touchscren

Chromebook for Artists - My Pick

13.5 Inch VertiView UHD Touchscreen :: Intel i5-10210U Processor :: 8GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory :: 128GB SSD :: Aluminum Frame :: Backlit Keyboard

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Also Great
Penoval USI Chromebook Stylus Pen

Wide compatibility :: 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity :: Palm rejection :: Including AAAA battery & spare tip

Get it on Amazon

I’m doing something here that might be a tad bit controversial – with all of the nice Chromebook tablets, convertibles and 2-in-1s out there than come packaged with a dedicated digital pen included, for my top choice for best Chromebook with pen for artists I am actually choosing a two piece affair, and from two different companies, no less – wild, I know!

But, in my defense, the Acer Spin 713 is so far superior to anything anywhere near its level, as is the Penoval USI stylus, and they work so perfectly together, that I could see no other choice – so sorry, but your one-click shopping may involve at least two clicks!

I have used twice as expensive Chromebooks as the Acer Spin 713 but don’t offer performance that’s even close, not to mention such a useful and intelligent design and user interface as this remarkable premium 2 in 1 Chromebook tablet / laptop has.

To have an industry-leading Intel i5 processor for the Windows operating system is great – fast and hyper-functional – but to have the processing power of an i5 for Chromebook is almost absurdly extreme, with such blazingly fast performance that everything becomes unthinkingly easy and flowing, all apps and even unwisely overextended multitasking work perfectly, and even the most detailed high resolution artwork, videos, photographs, music files or anything else provide no challenge whatsoever.

To put this another way, the Acer Spin 713, especially with the beautiful feeling and flawless Penoval USI stylus, completely frees you to concentrate on art (or on writing, on coding, on research, on business, on entertainment or gaming, or on whatever your thing happens to be) like no other Chromebook, and almost no other computer on any operating system.

The basic operation, navigation, selection and manipulation of objects, menus and links, are so easy and natural with the Penoval / Acer Spin combination. And with the Penoval’s pressure and tilt sensitivity, excellent feel and perfectly shaped tip, you can do anything – the most simple shape selection, object placement and movement, basic creative gestures and the most highly detailed and precise work, with incredible ease and expressivity and almost no thought.

Really, i don’t think they were designed specifically for each other (USI does, after all, stand for Universal Stylus Initiative), but the Acer and Penoval feel like they were, and work perfectly together – easy, accurate, flowing and frustration free work and such an enjoyable and productive experience overall.

If you still have some idea that Chromebooks aren’t real computers, or can’t do everything you need to do – whether you’re a serious fine or commercial artist, an engineer, a rocket scientist, a Minecraft maven or anything else, you simply haven’t used the Acer Spin 713 together with the brilliant Penoval stylus, which is not just the best Chromebook and pen combination I know, but one of the most powerful and useful personal computers you can get.

And again, just to make sure it’s clear, the Penoval USI Stylus is not included, and must be purchased separately. But don’t worry – it’s even more affordable than the Acer!

 Best Affordable

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 2-in-1 Laptop

4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, 13MP Camera, Chrome OS, 12.2", 16:10 Aspect Ratio

Buy Now on Amazon

Yep, right back to Samsung, and this time for an outrageously good deal on a premium quality Chromebook tablet / laptop hybrid.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is the greatly improved sequel to the original Samsung Plus, and while the original model was also a really smartly designed and executed machine, it had some physical problems – specifically with the all-important hinge – that kept it from greatness. 

But Samsung – miracle of miracles! – actually listened to their customer, and took their feedback and complaints very seriously, and the new V2 model not only totally fixes the hinge problem, but is a seriously overbuilt, tough and durable portable computer on all counts.

The included Samsung digital pen feels really great in the hand, and is super useful not just for drawing, painting and the like, but for all computer functions, navigation, menus, links and a lot more, and it has its own cool little storage slot.

And if you are doing art with it, the shape of the tip, the pressure sensitivity and the nice, flowing, lag-free performance can let you just drop into the zone, without adjusting, compensating, or even thinking – just create!

I would like to see tilt sensitivity, but I have to say that at this price level, and for everything this tablet-laptop and digital pen combination do – and how well they do it all – this is at most a minor quibble. Anyway, the kinds of shading and other effects and techniques one would normally use pen tilt for are generally handled in other ways by most digital artists, so most won’t even miss it.

I love the way this Chromebook folds so smoothly into tablet mode, and how well it works in tent and normal laptop modes as well, and when I spent time with the Plus V2 I found myself drawing and painting in all three physical configurations, and might have used the tent mode even more than the full flat position.

There are cheaper options for chromebook tablets, and even hybrids, out there, but I personally wouldn’t spend my money on them – not when I could instead get a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, that features not just a great included pen, but also a screen with Full HD resolution, great color saturation and accuracy, brightness and contrast, excellent cameras, a sturdy and smooth keyboard, fast processing, plenty of RAM and at least adequate high-speed storage for both cloud-based computing and local work.

It is also a very well made machine, that is proving over time to be durable and reliable, and one of the best values on the market today – it all adds up to make the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 and stylus the best affordable Chromebook with Pen for drawing, and a great choice for any user.

Thanks so much for reading my latest article –  The Best Tablet with Pen Stylus: A Buyer’s Guide and Review – and please check my blog – Art Side of Life – for more buyer’s guides, articles, online courses and many other resources – the perfect site for any artist!

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