POPULAR: Basics of Stylized Character Design

Learn to draw people and characters using simple shapes.

Drawing characters is always fun! It can add a lot of personality and stories to your illustrations. Character design is used in many art forms like every feature film, tv animation, video games,  comic books, children’s books as well as corporate visuals, and illustrations.

If you want to feel more comfortable drawing characters for your own or client projects, this class is for you.

Overcome The Frustration By Starting Simple

Characters design is used in many art forms like every feature film, tv animation, video games,
comic books, children’s books as well as corporate visuals and illustrations.

And therefore, when I was starting with the illustration, among other topics, I really wanted to draw characters. 

But it was very overwhelming not knowing where to start, and frustrating at the same time that I couldn’t get them right or just not how I imagined them.

And actually starting simple helped me to overcome this frustration of making characters perfect right away and in an amazing personal style.

And this is what I want to help you with, in this class. Don’t think about the illustration style for a moment and just practice with basic shapes and create fun characters with little stories.

What Students Say?

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“Truly a great class! I was always scared to draw characters, because of the frustration that I can’t just get it right. But using Iva’s techniques makes it so much more enjoyable and most importantly fun! I have doodled alongside the lessons and have a full page of characters.”

John, Student

What You Will Learn

In this class, I will take you through the journey of designing characters using simple shapes, so you get more comfortable and have a solid starting point when drawing characters for your illustrations.

We will be placing the characters in an interesting little story setting of a house which we could call “Humans of my neighborhood”, so it’s even more fun to practice drawing characters.

You will gain a solid skill for developing your character design style further. You will learn to draw:

  • Heads, hair and different hairstyles
  • Male and female torso
  • Arms and hands with a few hand gestures
  • The whole body

I will also show you techniques of how you can take inspiration from references and you will learn how to simplify the real-life in your character design.

At the end of the class, you will have an illustration you could print out for your home, give to a family member, or take your design further and even use it in your portfolio if you create your own custom house illustration.

See you in the class!

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