Get Resources You Will Need on Your Artistic Journey

Recommendations on this page are products and services we either created or tried out and love. You will find the best tools and resources you will need to achieve your artistic goals. 


What Resources are you looking for?

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The Best Tools to Increase
Your Productivity

The tools below will help you improve your focus and productivity.


Increase Your Productivity

Specifically curated- and produced music designed to improve your focus on the work in front of you.

FREE 2 weeks trial with this link.

Specifically curated- and produced music tracks designed exclusively to improve your focus on the work in front of you. FREE 2 weeks trial!

If you like listening more than reading, Audible is for you! Get your FREE Audiobooks now with this special offer!

Over-ear noise cancelling headphones that really work. In wired and wireless version. Try them out!

Book summaries on demand. Check out Blinkist to get summaries of the most influential books out there.


Google Apps – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Mail, Calendar, Drive – are like Microsoft Office apps, but for free and in the cloud. Great for collaboration when working remotely. 

Art Business

These Powerful Tools Will Help
You in Your Art Business

Use the bellow tools to efficiently manage your art and creative business.


Best Hosting For Your Website

SiteGround is the fastest and the most reliable hosting we used for our websites (and we have tried many). Check them out, with this link, you will get up to 65% off!

SiteGround is the fastest and the most reliable hosting we used for our websites (and we have tried many). Check them out, with this link, you will get up to 65% off!

Freshbooks is the most intuitive accounting software out there. Create invoices fast and get paid on time. Genious! Get FREE 30 days trial with this link!

If you want to run your own online shop, Shopify is your tool of choice. With Shopify, you will open your online store in no time!

Mailerlite does everything what Mailchimp and more. It has lower SPAM scores than Mailchimp and thus your newsletters and E-mail marketing campaings will get delivered more!

Do you teach, or do you want to teach online? And you don’t want to hand over control over your content to the teaching platforms? Then use Thinkific to setup your own courses platform!

If you work with international clients, transfering money can be very costly. With the Transferwise Borderless account, you can open accounts e.g. in the US, EU and transfer them to your home country with the lowest fees.

Paypal is the No.1 online payment platform out there. If you don’t enable it on your website, or in your shop, you are missing out on bunch of sales. And it works great with Transferwise Borderless account.

Stripe is great if you want to offer your customers with Credit Card payments. Make sure you ask for “startup” discount when you start to save up on fees!

Print on Demand

Awesome Platforms Where
You Can Sell Your Prints

These are some of the best print on demand platforms out there. You can upload your artworks to tons of products they offer!

Mostly selling T-Shirts and clothes. Now expanding into other product fields. Their artists support team is awesome!

A small giant in the POD industry. They offer huge range of products focused on cool and up & coming trends. This is the New York of PODs. 

Displate produces beautiful metallic prints. That’s the only thing they focus on, so you can imagine how much they care about their product!

If Redbubble is the New York, society6 his is the LA of PODs. It’s the oldest POD site out there, with great range of products and established customer base.


Take Care of Yourself
with These Programs & Apps

Use these fitness programs and meditation apps to take care of your body and mind so you can produce your best works.

30 minute long 90 days program that anybody can fit into their day. What is most important Tony Horton (instructor) will also teach you what to eat so you are at your best. s

This program is the original in P90X series and it is longer – 60 minutes long 90 days program. It’s a bit more longer, but as good as P90X3.

This is the upgrade of P90X program. It uses a lot of tools to make the fitness fun. It is 60 minutes long and lasts for 90 days. 

This program is from Shaun T (instructor), it is 25 minutes long and lasts for 5 weeks. I tried it after P90X3 and it was a lot of fun!


Headspace is great when you are starting with meditation because the programs are really well done. Andy (instructor) focuses on your Mind, Creativity and other important topics. 


Calm is Headspace’s competitor and they are great thanks to their sleep stories, narrated by famous actors. It’s good to listen to when you can’t fall asleep. 


This app is mostly for relaxation, when you are reading, sleeping or just want to wind down. It features sounds of nature, ocean, river, rain and many more. 


Must Have Art Books
and Other Books for Artists

Here, you will find books that we and our guests from the podcast recommend. You will find real gems in this list!


Audible Audiobooks

Don’t Like Reading? Try audiobooks!

If you like listening more than reading, Audible is for you! Get your FREE Audiobooks now with this special offer.

Books by Guests

Books about Color & Light

Books about Anatomy

Books about Animation

Books about Character Design

Books about Comics & Cartoons

Books about Imagination

Books about Art Science & Techniques

Business & Self-Development Books

Art Tools

Get the Tools that will Help
You Improve Your Art Skills

Here are some of the art tools I love and our guests from the podcast recommend. They are high-quality tools which will help you improve your art skills faster.


Best Watercolor Paints

Winsor & Newton are the single, most mentioned art tool on Art Side of Life podcast.

It’s because I think they are the best watercolors out there. Try them out! 

Sketching Pencils


Drawing Pens

Colored Pencils

Color Markers


Acrylics & Gouache


Oil paints


Painting & Drawing Paper



Get the Tech that will Help
You Improve Your Art Skills

Computers, tablets, printers and scanners that will help you create awesome art and efficiently run your art business.

Check out these reviews to choose the best device for you:


Best Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablets


Printers & Scanners


Get the Apps that will Help
You Improve Your Art Skills

This software will help you create amazing digital art and improve your workflow!


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign are industry recognized softwares used by the majority of artists. Get them now to maximize your digital art skills.