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Character Prompt Generator

Iva Mikles
Character Prompt Generator

Generate more than 1,000 character design prompts and character ideas!

Are you feeling stuck or looking for inspiration for your next character design? Get inspired with my free random character generator with more than 1,000 prompts for characters, animals, objects, and situations. Enjoy!

Art Side of Life’s Random Character Generator

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Character Prompt Generator

Your Prompt will show below:

Use the character prompts generator below and share your artwork on Instagram; include hashtag #artsideprompts, and tag me with @art_side_of_life in the post, reel, and description so I get notified about your awesome designs!

Sample character design prompts created by the character generator:

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How Do I Use the Character Prompt Generator?

It’s very easy to use the app:

  1. Select one of four categories – Characters, Animals, Objects, Situations
  2. Click on “Generate Your Prompt”
  3. Read your prompt in the space below the button
  4. Sketch, draw, paint, sculpt … and enjoy!

I like to read the prompt and just sit with it for a few moments until an idea forms in my head.

Some people might use the character generators differently.

For instance, if they get a prompt with a certain animal, they may immediately begin to draw it.

Others may get their prompt and then just take a long walk, and some may read the prompt, get a coffee or tea and something to snack on, and wait without pressure or expectation in a cozy place.

Ok, I use this method, too, especially the coffee part! 🙂 The “without pressure or expectation” part is sooo important.

Whatever your method, it is good to allow sparks to spark and flow to resume flowing without pushing it or pondering over it.

Try the Character Prompts for Art Challenges

Many artists and art students use my idea generator as an art challenge.

Art challenges are huge these days, and it can be enormous fun to do a challenge where you go to this page every morning, generate a prompt, and create a character design or a story based on it.

You can do this to learn, improve and grow, challenge yourself, and expand your character design skills.

Don’t forget to share your daily creations through various social media platforms, so your art gets discovered by other people.

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What if I’m Completely Stuck?

Yeah, this happens to all of us at one point or another.

Without good ideas, energy, motivation, creative flow, creative feeling, or confidence, days or weeks pass.

If character ideas generated from my character prompt generator aren’t enough for you, try my audio course called Rediscover Your Creativity below:

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I hope you found some interesting character prompts and are now inspired to create more character designs.

Stay creative. Stay you!

Visit my blog – Art Side of Life – for tons of other inspiring ideas, resources, articles, artists’ guides, and much more!

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