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More than 1000 art ideas and art prompts! Are you feeling stuck or looking for inspiration for your next artwork? Get inspired with my free random art idea generator with the prompts for characters, animals, objects, and situations. Enjoy!

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Art Side of Life’s Random Art Prompts Generator

Use the art prompts generator below and share your artwork on Instagram; include hashtag #artsideprompts, and tag me with @art_side_of_life in the post, reel, and description so I get notified about your awesome designs!

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FREE Art Prompts Generator

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How Do I Use Art Side of Life’s Art Prompt Generator?

It’s very easy:

1. Select one of four categories – Characters, Animals, Objects, Situations

2. Click on “Generate New Prompt”

3. Read your prompt in the space below the button

4. Sketch, draw, paint, sculpt … and enjoy!

I personally like to read the prompt and just sit with it for a few moments until an idea forms in my head.

Some people might use art idea generators differently. For instance, if they get a prompt with a certain animal, they may immediately begin to draw it.

Or others may get their prompt and then turn right away to their work in progress – which is most likely not at all related to the prompt – and see if the flow is back.

Certain people will get their prompt and then just take a long walk, and some may read the prompt, go get some coffee and chocolate, sit and watch the birds in the trees for a while, and wait without pressure or expectation.

Ok, I use this method sometimes too, especially the coffee part! 🙂

But the “without pressure or expectation” part is nice and important. Whatever your own method, however you use my art ideas generator, it is good to allow sparks to spark and flow to resume flowing without pushing it or pondering over it.

Try Art Challenges

A lot of artists and art students use my art idea generator as a kind of an “art challenge”.

Art challenges are absolutely huge these days, and it can be enormous fun to do a challenge where you go to this page every morning, generate a prompt, and create a piece of art, a craft piece, or a story based on it.

You can do this to learn, improve and grow, to challenge yourself and expand your skills and your horizons, and you can – in the grand art challenge tradition – share your daily creations through various social media platforms.

What if I’m Really, Really Stuck?

Yeah, this happens to all of us at one point or another.

Days or weeks pass without good art ideas, energy or motivation, without creative flow, creative feeling, or creative confidence.

If art ideas generated from my art prompt generator aren’t enough for you, try my audio course called Rediscover Your Creativity below:

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FAQs – Drawing Prompts Generator

Where can I find art prompts?

You can find art prompts by using my random Art Prompts Generator, which includes more than 1000 art prompts for characters, animals, objects, and situations. Enjoy!

What does a drawing prompt mean?

A drawing prompt is a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, or short story to spark your imagination, boost creativity, and encourage ideas, feelings, thoughts, perspectives, and memories. All of this is to help you get unstuck so you can draw and create amazing art!

What are art prompts?

Art prompts are words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or short stories to spark your imagination and encourage ideas when you are stuck or looking for new inspiration for your artwork!

How do artists spark creativity?

Artists spark creativity in different ways, such as using art and drawing prompt generators; trying different mediums and techniques; watching videos or reading about topics they are not well versed in; taking a break by going to nature, shopping, or a city; taking a nap or a good night’s sleep; meeting and talking with people from different professions; and many more!

I hope you found some interesting drawing prompts in my prompts generator and you are now inspired to create more art. Stay creative, stay you!

Visit my blog – Art Side of Life – not just for the podcasts but for tons of other inspiring ideas, resources, articles, buyer’s guides, and much more!

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