Stan is an artist, teacher, and owner of, a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos.

I try to make the Proko tutorials entertaining while keeping them educational. I feel that if you’re having fun and enjoying the learning process, you learn better. You retain more information, you pay more attention, you’re much more likely to continue learning and more likely to go back and re-watch tutorials. And it will leave you more inspired and motivated to go practice. If fun and informative had a baby they would name it Proko.

Stan studied at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in Encinitas, California, where he got most of his art training. In 2007 he became a teacher at the Watts Atelier of the Arts and hs taught drawing and painting classes on numerous topics such as portrait, figure, quick sketch, and plein air landscape.

In the past, Stan created a five-minute animated short film, “A Game of Pool”, which featured on all American Airlines flights in September through December of 2004.

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Key Takeaways

“Don’t forget to have fun, don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing. If you are struggling, just try to figure out what got you into this in the first place. Most artists are artists because they loved it in the beginning. “

  • Most of the colleges are bad at teaching. They teach to be free and do what you feel, but you can’t have an idea w/o executing it. Art is craft and science. He is glad he didn’t go to those colleges.
  • Start with drawing, even when you want to paint. It’s easier to learn basics with drawing, because you are not distracted by color (that you can learn later)
  • When you start, you will be frustrated because things fall into each other. You just have to start somewhere. He started painting landscapes when he was 13. At home he drew things around him, anything, cup, action figure so he could get the proportions right
  • The best is to draw things you are interested in. You need to like it not to give up – once you are comfortable there, you can go more complex

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Special thanks to Stan for joining me today. See you next time!

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All artworks by Stan Prokopenko, used with permission


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