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It’s no secret that I love the Procreate app, the wonderful painting program for my iPad Pro. It is the app I use above all others for drawing and painting  – everything from sketching out ideas to completing fully realized artworks.

One of the greatest and most useful features of Procreate (and Procreate Pocket for iPhone) is the ability to import custom brushes. This capability makes this already incredibly powerful and capable app even better! 

So I thought it would be super helpful to put together a complete list of sources for custom paintbrushes for Procreate – free and premium brushes. There are, after all, literally hundreds of thousands (!!!) of different brushes you can get for this amazing app, and almost all of them are pretty amazing! Scroll down to get them now!

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I’m not alone in my love for Procreate, which regularly places among the top five most popular iPad apps and is probably the most downloaded art app in the App store.

It is the app I get asked about most frequently, and the single question I hear is how to find more and more custom brushes for Procreate.

So let’s have a look!

My 3 Favorite Websites for Premium Procreate Brushes

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Runner-up: Holly Pixels

My 3 Favorite Websites for Free Procreate Brushes

NEW: Easy Botanical Illustration with Procreate Brushes

Online Class

Learn a fun and easy way to create Procreate brushes that will help you illustrate beautiful flowers and greenery for your artworks!

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Jae Johns

Runner-up: Speckyboy

So I will list all of the sources I know for custom Procreate brushes here in alphabetical order, and let you find your own way.

Just don’t get so lost in the list, or in the sites, that you neglect sleeping, eating or – worse still – making art. Other than that, have a wonderful time with your Procreate app and all your new brushes, and please let me know how they have enhanced your own creative process!

A Complete List of Custom Procreate Brushes (Premium and Free)

NEW: Easy Botanical Illustration with Procreate Brushes

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Learn a fun and easy way to create Procreate brushes that will help you illustrate beautiful flowers and greenery for your artworks!


Ordered alphabetically

30X40 Design Workshop

Type of Brushes: Architectural, Technical and Engineering Procreate Brush Pack

30X40 only offers one premium Procreate brush pack, an exceptionally helpful set of tools for architectural and other technical and engineering drawing, with not just brushes but grids, palettes and canvases. Not expensive, and well worth the money!

URL: 30X40 Design Workshop

Alicja Prints

Type of Brushes: Portraits, Hair, and Makeup Procreate Brush Pack

Lovely premium Procreate brush sets for portraiture, hair and makeup, and complementary color palettes as well, all for reasonable prices.

URL: Alicja Prints


Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for every kind of art

ArtStation has tons and tons of Procreate brushes for every kind of art, illustration, animation, design, or really anything. There are a lot of premium packs here, many of which are top-notch, but the free choices are surprisingly high quality.

URL: ArtStation

Art With Flo

Type of Brushes: Animal, People, Sealife and other Procreate Brushes

A little pricey compared with some other premium Procreate brushes, these packs are nonetheless really special and useful, and worth checking out.

URL: Art With Flo

Asia Orlando

Type of Brushes: Painting, Drawing, Sketching and Texture Brushes

A quite nice selection of good brushes for painting, drawing, and sketching, a few textures, special effects and “experimental” brushes and even one or two free packs.

URL: Asia Orlando


Type of Brushes: Backgrounds, Patterns and other Procreate Brushes

One of my favorite sources for Procreate brushes, Bam! offers free sampler packs for all of their premium sets, which not only give you a taste of the bigger set (and, because they’re all pretty great, encourage you to buy) but also some nice, well made and really useable brushes.

URL: Bam!

Bardot Brush

Type of Brushes: Painting and Drawing Procreate Brushes

A small selection of nice brushes for painting and drawing, these 15 premium Procreate brush packs are clearly made by an artist for artists.

URL: Bardot Brush


Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

I originally came to this site by finding the great selection of Procreate brushes made by Eliza Moreno – really creative and unusual brushes that are both inspiring and highly useful – but came to realize that the site itself is pretty cool, and a great place to find lots of other brush packs.

URL: Behance

Brush Galaxy

Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

With like a gazillion choices of premium Procreate brushes and brush packs, Brush Galaxy can frankly be a little overwhelming, but if you have the time, energy and patience to shop, shop, shop, you can find some really great things – and a few freebies as well.

URL: Brush Galaxy

Brushes for Procreate

Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

A great selection of every kind of Procreate brush imaginable, both free and paid, and a nice community and good place to upload and share your own custom brushes.

URL: Brushes for Procreate

Creative Bloq

Type of Brushes: A collection of premium and free Procreate Brushes in one place

All these Procreate brushes are available elsewhere, but this is a pretty good hand-picked selection of premium and free packs in one place.

URL: Creative Bloq

Creative Fabrica

Type of Brushes: Brush Stamps, Outlines and Patterns, including Themed and Holiday selections

At Creative Fabrica you will find 67 bold and exciting premium Procreate brushes and brush packs, with a lot of brush stamps, outlines and patterns, as well as themed and holiday selections. They are all nicely illustrated on the site, so you can really see what they do, and are not too expensive.

URL: Creative Fabrica

Creative Market

Type of Brushes: A wide selection of +3,000 Procreate Brushes

Thousands of premium brush packs for Procreate, pretty much all of them really excellent and valuable, and a simple, well-designed site that makes both browsing and searching easy. A great site for any kind of artist, where you can be confident that the selection represents the best custom brushes and packs you can get.

URL: Creative Market


Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

A focused creative marketplace that is not (yet) so well known, Cubebrush actually has an enormous selection and range of mostly premium Procreate brushes. I haven’t gone through this seemingly endless list of choices, and can’t comment on quality or usability, but it seems worth at least a few minutes of browsing.

URL: Cubebrush

Design Cuts

Type of Brushes: 1,000 of some of the most useful Procreate Brushes available

Hundreds of premium Procreate brushes – not just a great selection, but truly some of the very finest and most useful brushes available. Prices range from really cheap to somewhat premium, but you can rest assured that they are all worth it, and among the best of the best.

URL: Design Cuts

Deviant Art

Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

Our beloved Deviant community really comes through for us with thousands and thousands of free and premium Procreate brushes of all types, for all kinds and styles of art and any imaginable use, effect or application. In fact, the selection is so overwhelming that you might want to find ways to narrow your search – something like “procreate brushes watercolor wash,” which yields 7 results, versus “procreate brushes,” which returns over 9,100 hits!

URL: Deviant Art

Envato Elements

Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

A couple of hundred Procreate brush packs are available with a subscription – which also gives you access to all kinds of other art stock, like photos, videos, audio, templates, fonts, 3D stock, web templates, and more – or you can download a really teensy amount of items with a free membership.

URL: Envato Elements


Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

With literally thousands and thousands of brushes and brush packs, Etsy can be quite overwhelming, so it is good to keep your searches focused – unless you want to spend days just browsing! Good stuff to be found here, though, if you have the time.

URL: Etsy

Genevieve’s Design Studio

Type of Brushes: Fine Art Painting, Portraits and Deluxe Design Procreate Brushes

Genevieve doesn’t offer a lot of Procreate brushes – maybe half a dozen or so – but they are wonderful. If you are doing fine art painting, portraiture or deluxe design with an emphasis on really beautiful and even nostalgic elements, definitely check out these brushes.

URL: Genevieve’s Design Studio

Georg’s Procreate Brushes

Type of Brushes: Comic Ink Brush Packs

A nice selection of free and premium Procreate brush packs kind of aimed at comic and animation artists, but also good for other work. You can probably find better premium tools elsewhere, but the free brushes are definitely worth checking out.

URL: Georg’s Procreate Brushes

Grut Brushes

Type of Brushes: Traditional Pencil Drawing, Watercolor and Gouache Painting Brushes

With around two dozen free Procreate brush packs, nicely designed for traditional pencil drawing and watercolor / gouache painting, Grut Brushes is definitely worth checking out. There is also an extended selection available with a cheap yearly subscription, all of which are great.

URL: Grut Brushes


Type of Brushes: Various Procreate Brushes for all kinds of art

Gumroad is maybe not as well known as some of the other seller platforms for creatives, but interesting artists seem to gravitate to it, and you can find great and unusual Procreate brush packs of all types that you just won’t find elsewhere.

URL: Gumroad


Type of Brushes: Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

Halfapx has a large selection of Procreate brushes and sets for lettering and calligraphy – very nice free or cheap individual brushes and a couple of highly useful, and expertly made, brush sets. If you love lettering, or use it a lot in your art or design work, this site is definitely worth checking out.

URL: Halfapx

Hazel Long

Type of Brushes: Portrait Art Procreate Brushes

Beautiful Procreate brushes aimed at portrait art, apparently all pay-as-you-want – although you are limited to only three free downloads. The site is a bit of a faff to get through, but the brushes are quite nice.

URL: Hazel Long

Holly Nichols Illustration

Type of Brushes: Hairbrushes and Fashion Design Procreate Brushes

Only two sets of Procreate brushes here – hairbrushes and fashion design markers – but both are perfectly designed and highly useful for fashion designers and artists.

URL: Holly Nichols Illustration

Holly Pixels

Type of Brushes: Botanical, Themed and Pattern Procreate Brushes

This is a fantastic site for premium Procreate brush sets which are fresh, creative and often very unique, and yet still useful and obviously valuable to almost any graphic artist or designer. I am left wondering, though – is that her real name? 

URL: Holly Pixels

Ian Barnard

Type of Brushes: Lettering Procreate Brushes

Ian Barnard offers a small selection of Procreate brush sets for lettering with style and energy. Not expensive, these sets are fun and dynamic, and should appeal to lots of different designers or graphic artists.

URL: Ian Barnard

iPad Calligraphy

Type of Brushes: Calligraphy and Lettering Procreate Brush Sets

With a small selection of exceptionally beautiful calligraphy and lettering brush sets – most for sale but well worth the small price – iPad Calligraphy is a great resource for designers and graphic artists, and offers other guides, tutorials, tips and hints about Procreate and working on an iPad.

URL: iPad Calligraphy

iPad Lettering

Type of Brushes: Lettering and Procreate Watercolor Brush Sets

A pretty large selection of attractive brushes – at fairly attractive prices, too – designed for creative lettering and watercolor work. Both individual brushes and brush sets are available.

URL: iPad Lettering

Jae Johns

Type of Brushes: The most complete selection of FREE Procreate Brushes

Nearly 600 specially selected Procreate artist brushes of all types and all free! You may also want to check out Jae Johns’ article pointing out other free brush packs – 25 of the Best Free Procreate Brushes

URL: Jae Johns

Jake Rainis

Type of Brushes: Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

With a definite goth / street slant, Jake Rainis’s premium Procreate pens and pen sets may not appeal to everybody, but they are very well designed and useful, and any calligrapher, designer or lover of beautiful lettering may want to check them out.

URL: Jake Rainis


Type of Brushes: Animation and Digital Art Brush Sets

Jingsketch brushes are used by professionals in many industries, especially in digital art and animation, and are among the finest available. The complete package is amazingly cheap, and the little basic pack is free (you can make a donation) and really, really nice – highly recommended!

URL: Jingsketch

Just Creative

Type of Brushes: The Best Organized Selection of Procreate Brush Packs

Just Creative must have the best organized selection of Procreate brush packs on the web, with lists of the best brushes overall and the best brushes of many different particular types or styles. Most of these are premium, and quite expensive, but you can find a few good free choices as well.

URL: Just Creative

Lisa Glanz

Type of Brushes: Useful, super-basic Procreate Brushes

With only ten Procreate premium brush sets, this little site is easy to overlook, but these super basic brushes actually look pretty nice and useful, and are worth checking out – it only takes a minute anyway!

URL: Lisa Glanz

Matty B

Type of Brushes: Botanical, Oil and other Art Procreate Brushes

I mention Gumroad separately on this list of Procreate brush sources, but I wanted to point out the Gumroad page of Matty B in particular since his brushes are really fun and inspiring, not to mention free or cheap! One of my favorite sources, even with such a small selection! 

URL: Matty B

Max Packs

Type of Brushes: Panting, Comic Book Art and Digital Art Procreate Brushes

At this site you will find six “Max Packs” which are extremely well thought out and useful for painting, comic book art and digital art in general. These are premium packs, and definitely have a premium feel and quality which many for-sale packs don’t, with an intelligent and practical selection of well designed brushes.

URL: Max Packs


Type of Brushes: A convenient list of useful Procreate Brushes

A small selection of premium and free Procreate brush packs – all of these are available elsewhere, and the links simply take you to different sites, but this is a pretty well-chosen selection all on one convenient page.

URL: Medialoot

Molly Suber Thorpe

Type of Brushes: Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

Relatively inexpensive, Molly Suber Thorpe’s small selection of Procreate premium brush packs features really beautiful, professional-level lettering and calligraphy brushes that are sure to appeal to any designer, but are great also for crafters and graphic artists of all types.

URL: Molly Suber Thorpe


Type of Brushes: Pencils and Scribbles Procreate Brushes

With maybe three dozen free and premium Procreate brush packs, including some that you don’t really see that often elsewhere, Pixelbuddha is definitely worth a visit, and offers a clean and well organized site as well.

URL: Pixelbuddha

Procreate Brushes

Type of Brushes: Various Brushes for Painting, Drawing, Inking, Shading and Tesctures

Painting, lettering, inking, drawing, shading, effects and textures and a lot more – it’s all here at Procreate Brushes, This is purely a premium website set up to make commissions, and all these brushes are available elsewhere, but this is a well-organized way to find some nice specific brushes.

URL: Procreate Brushes

Procreate Courses

Type of Brushes: Painting Brush Set

This site only offers one Procreate brushset, but it is one of the finest available. With 99 brushes for oil painting, this is a great set for any serious commercial or fine digital artist, and you can get either a standard or commercial license.

URL: Procreate Courses


Type of Brushes: Charcoal and Pastel Brush Sets

Another good online school for all kinds of art, illustration and design, Proko makes our list because of two very special brush sets, both created by Lane Brown. The Charcoal Master brush set and the Pastel Pro pack may be about the finest of their type available, and are available for free with the accompanying courses.

URL: Proko

RetroSupply Company

Type of Brushes: Digital Art Procreate Brushes

With a small selection of very high-quality Procreate tool packs, RetroSupply really caters to digital artists and designers who are going for a kind of, well, retro look to their art. Good prices and generous license agreements.

URL: RetroSupply Company

Sadie Lew

Type of Brushes: Portraits Procreate Brushes

Sadie Lew’s superb Procreate brushes, designed mostly for portraiture painting and loved by fine artists, are often available elsewhere, but here you can see them all together – and purchase them for sometimes lower prices – as well as check out her pretty site.

URL: Sadie Lew

Shelly Laszlo

Type of Brushes: Traditional Media Procrate Brushes

Shelly Laszlo only offers four Procreate brush sets, but they are all very nice and useful – especially if you are interested in emulating traditional media and techniques. It is worth a visit anyway, if just to see here nice looking site and beautiful work. Go Shelly!

URL: Shelly Laszlo


Type of Brushes: Basic Custom Procreate Brushes

With a very small selection of pretty basic brushes, all apparently premium (with the odd bonus thrown in), Sketch-a-Day may not be my top recommendation but still is worth a look.

URL: Sketch-a-Day


Type of Brushes: Procreate Online Courses including FREE Procreate Brush Packs

This is a bit of a different resource – Skillshare is one of the finest online art schools going, and one I myself am proud to be a part of, and they have a good selection of Procreate courses which really help you understand and use different brushes, as well as giving you great brush packs to download when you participate in the courses.

URL: Skillshare (Get FREE 1-month of Skillshare Premium)


Type of Brushes: Procreate Texture Brushes

25 nice free Procreate brush sets, including a lot of great textures and special finishes, as well as specialized drawing and inking effects, many available elsewhere but collected nicely here.

URL: Speckyboy

The Hot Skills

Type of Brushes: Inking, Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

A fairly large selection of great Procreate brushes for inking, lettering and calligraphy – both free and premium.

URL: The Hot Skills

TipTop Brushes

Type of Brushes: Procreate Brush Packs for Professional Artists

Sometimes you get the feeling that artists throw together Procreate brushes quickly and without much thought or experience, and then realize they can post them on their site and sell them. Not so with TipTop, which has really professional quality brushes thoughtfully designed by and for professional artists. These are very good sets which tend to be small and nicely focused, and the prices are very reasonable.

URL: TipTop Brushes

True Grit Texture Supply

Type of Brushes: Texture Brushes

True Grit only sells two dozen Procreate brush and texture packs, but they are of such great quality and so useful to professional artists and designers. There is a certain style here, and you really should make sure it matches your own, but at the same time several of the packs would definitely be of more universal use.

URL: True Grit Texture Supply

Wooly Pronto

Type of Brushes: Procreate Watercolor, Flora and Flower Brushes

Not only does Wooly Pronto have easily the coolest name of any site on my list, they have a tiny selection of beautiful Procreate brushes that would be especially valuable to watercolor artists, flora and flower painters and illustrators. They are quite affordable, especially for the quality, and you can get a starter set for free!

URL: Wooly Pronto

A Quick Word about Brushes Licensing

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If you are a commercial artist, and interested in using any of these free or premium Procreate brushes or brush packs for your work, you should make sure that your use is allowed by the licensing details stipulated by the site or creator from which you have gotten the brushes.

Since this is meant to be a complete, all-in-one resources for finding as many different free and premium Procreate brushes as possible, I would love to be able to offer a nice, clear and helpful summary of licensing rules and requirements here – but I can’t!

In fact, a few sites and Procreate brush creators and vendors don’t have any mention of licensing at all, and with those you can probably assume that any usage – short of re-selling the brushes themselves – is ok.

Of the sites that do have licensing information – that is, rules about how you can use their brushes, both on personal and commercial levels – every single one is different, and the wide variety of usage rules means we can’t even possibly generalize about what you can and cannot do with these brushes.

Well, we can a little, in that you can use most free and premium Procreate packs for your own original work, whether just personal, non-commercial art and design, personal or commercial web design, commercial design and artwork production. That said, this may not be true, and some licensing agreements allow more usage, while some allow much less.

One thing is for sure, that once you download a Procreate pack you have agreed to the site’s or creator’s licensing agreement (if they even have one), whether you have read it or not. So please make sure you are clear about it before using these packs – especially for commercial work – and if you have any questions contact the site.

But please don’t let this put you off from exploring, downloading and using. It is a simple matter to find and read licensing, and most of the user agreements are in fact really lenient, and allow you to do pretty much whatever you want.

What Kinds of Brushes for Procreate Are There?

Procreate is a very inexpensive program, especially considering its power, quality and usability, not to mention its easy, intuitive and incredibly intelligent interface, and even for the low purchase price it already comes with over two hundred brushes. And sure, these are probably enough, and in fact I recommend to my students that they learn and become comfortable with the program with just those brushes, so as to not become overwhelmed by choices – in learning or in creating.

But once you are an old hand at Procreate it is incredibly fun, and incredibly useful, to get new brushes. There is an almost countless number of them, and you can find so many different effects, tools, shapes and styles, and may be surprised at how much variety – and how many unexpected uses and advantages – there can be.

For example, you can find the following types of paid and free Procreate brushes:

That’s just the start, and each one of these categories can open up into a whole new set of possibilities – texture brushes, for example, can be paper textures, cardboard, glass, skin, water, metal, plastic, fur, hair, cloud, air, stone, gemstone, and so many other textures, both artificial, natural and purely imaginary.

How Can You Add Custom Brushes to Procreate?

You can add any of these brushes to Procreate for the iPad and now to Procreate Pocket for the iPhone, and in either case, it is ridiculously easy.

All you need to do is: 

  1. Save your brushes set
  2. Either save the set of brushes in a cloud service, like your Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Degoo, or other
  3. Or save it on your iMac or MacBook and use AirDrop to transfer it to your iPad or iPhone
  4. Find the brush set
  5. If you saved it in your preferred cloud service, open Files (iCloud), Google Drive or Dropbox on your iPad or iPhone and find the brushes
  6. If you used AirDrop, it should prompt you to open it with Procreate. If not, open Files and find the brushes manually
  7. Tap on the brush set and open it in Procreate

You can also go to Procreate’s Brush page and download from there, and you may find this works better with certain brush packs.

And that’s it!

Where Can You Find Best Procreate Brushes?

Well, right here in this guide!

Again, so many people ask me where to find custom brushes for this great app, so I am happy to offer a comprehensive list of sources I can manage to put together.

Of course, many – probably most – people go to the Apple Apps Store to find their free and premium Procreate brushes, but you can only find a tiny percentage of the huge number of brushes and brush packs available. So if your searches have not gone beyond the App Store, it’s time to expand your horizons!

I am not offering the “best” Procreate brushes or even my favorite because they are all pretty cool.

While I might find this or that brush set to be particularly clever, useful, or powerful, other people might be more meh about it, like a completely different set or approach.

I hope my guide helped you to find your new and exciting Procreate brushes, and you will have a lot of fun creating your new artwork!

Visit my website – Art Side of Life – for more buyer’s guides, articles, tutorials, artist interviews, and tons of other resources for commercial artists, fine artists, art students and beginners, crafters, and anybody else exploring their own creative side!

If you are looking for the best iPad for Procreate, make sure to check out this article: Best iPad for Procreate

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