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I chat with some of the most inspiring artists in the industry. Artists share their stories, tools and also strategies on how to make money as an artist and stay motivated in your projects. 


Some of the reviews

- A.Tertz

There are a lot of things to like about Art Side of Life. The interviews are pleasant and informative thanks to Iva, there is lots and lots of content, and the interviewees are high quality, talented people. Highly recommended.

- MA1234

After learning about this podcast I thought it was cool how each artist is interviewed with a slightly different twist because every artist is as unique as the individual is. So while some interviews do deep dive into artistic techniques and such, others talk about background, motivation, inspiration and other things that are as important to the artist as what they produce.

- Okonaoku

This show is truly helpful and inspiring. Listening to all these talented people and learning from their experience is a very valuable thing. It gives me motivation to do better and go further. This is also a great way to get to know your favourite artists even better! Iva is such a lovely host and makes the whole thing even more pleasing. I’m so grateful she came up with this idea and created the show.

- JasperkArt

I love listening to your interviews, many people you interview I actively follow on social media. One of the biggest thing I love is that your interviewing the people just like me who aren’t “directors of DreamWorks “ or an executive producer. Rather your talking to the artist that are pushing our industry forward! Keep up the great work! I find inspiration from your interviews and the many artist I have discovered from your show!

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