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TOP 15 Online Oil Painting Classes in 2024 [Beginners, Adults]

Iva Mikles
TOP 15 Online Oil Painting Classes in 2024 [Beginners, Adults]

Finding the best online oil painting class can make learning easier and faster, so I made this guide to help you choose the right one.

★ My Top 5 summary: ★

Evolve Artist Academy
Proko Oil Painting Classes
Draw Mix Paint
Michael James Smith

Best Online Oil Painting Classes for Beginners and Adults

My Pick: Evolve Artist Academy

Evolve Artist Academy is a comprehensive and structured online oil painting course, offering personalized feedback, quality art supplies, and a focus on realism

Structured Learning: Eight blocks, each focusing on key art fundamentals, providing a clear learning path for consistent success among the studentsTime Commitment: Requires significant time investment and dedication to practice.
Personalized Feedback: One-on-one guidance and feedback from the founder, Kevin Murphy, and knowledgeable instructors, such as Piper Talladay, enhance the learning experience.Limited Style Focus: Primary focus on realism might not cater to interests in various painting styles.
Community Support: Active online community for student interaction and support.Structured Curriculum Might Be Perceived as Boring: Evolve Artist Academy teaches art as language focusing on mastering the fundamentals which might be perceived as boring by some.
Comprehensive Material Provided: All necessary high-quality art supplies included, tailored for each module.
Flexible Learning Pace: Suitable for those with busy schedules, allowing learning at one’s own pace.
Realistic Painting Focus: Strong emphasis on realism, ideal for aspiring realist painters.
Expert Instruction: Lessons taught by experienced professionals, offering in-depth insights into techniques.

FREE Training from Kevin and the Team: try parts of the program for free; click on one of the following options:

Proko Online Oil Painting Classes

Website: Proko Online Oil Painting Classes

Proko’s online school, founded by Stan Prokopenko, offers a range of courses focusing on figure drawing, anatomy, and portrait drawing. The school is renowned for its high-quality video content and detailed instruction.

➕ Comprehensive Content The courses are extensive, covering everything from basic gestures to detailed anatomy. They are designed to progressively build skills, ensuring a solid foundation for beginners and growth for more experienced artists.➖ Complexity of Advanced Lessons Some advanced lessons, particularly in anatomy, can be quite complex and may overwhelm beginners or those not requiring such in-depth knowledge.
➕ High-Quality Video Production Proko’s videos are well-produced with clear visuals, making it easier for students to follow along. The use of graphics, animations, and models enhances the learning experience.➖ Time Commitment The comprehensive nature of the courses means they require a significant time commitment to get the most out of them.
➕ Interactive Learning There are opportunities for personal critique from Stan Prokopenko, especially for premium subscribers. Additionally, there’s a Facebook group for student critiques, fostering a community learning environment.➖ Cost Some courses can be quite pricey, and while there is a range of options, the cost may be a barrier for some students.
➕ Variety of Courses Proko offers a wide range of courses catering to different aspects of drawing and painting, such as figure drawing, portrait drawing, and digital painting, appealing to a diverse set of interests and skill levels.➖ Language Limitations While the courses are primarily in English, with some having Spanish and Chinese translations, this may limit accessibility for non-English speakers.

Find out more on proko.com.

Mark Carder’s Draw Mix Paint Online Painting Tutorials

Website: Draw Mix Paint Oil Painting Tutorials

Mark Carder’s Draw Mix Paint YouTube tutorials are popular for their focus on classical realism and practical painting techniques, offering free accessible resources and a methodical approach.

Focus on Classical Realism: Mark Carder’s approach is grounded in classical realism, which is beneficial even for artists with different styles, as it teaches fundamental skills.Potential for Monotony: Some artists find his strict process and method a bit monotonous, preferring more variability in their painting approach.
Detailed Color Mixing Techniques: His method of mixing colors to match target colors on the subject is straightforward and effective, especially for beginners in oil paint.Limited Style: While his style is highly effective, some artists wish for a looser approach in both his teaching and painting style.
Free Accessible Resources: Many of his instructional videos are available for free, making it easier for artists to access quality educational content without a financial commitment.Initial Learning Curve: There is an initial learning curve, especially when it comes to matching colors, but it becomes easier with practice.
Effective for Self-Taught Artists: Carder’s self-taught background resonates with many self-learning artists, demonstrating that significant progress can be made through dedicated study and practice using online resources.Focus on Indoor Painting: Carder’s techniques are primarily focused on indoor painting under controlled lighting, which might not translate directly to outdoor painting scenarios.
Methodical Approach: His methodical approach to color mixing and painting, including the use of a restricted palette, is appreciated for its ability to produce remarkable results with minimal resources.

For more in-depth insights and to explore Mark’s classes, you can visit Draw Mix Paint.

New Masters Academy

Website: New Masters Academy Online Oil Painting Courses

The New Masters Academy (NMA) offers an extensive range of art courses, including oil painting classes, known for their comprehensive and flexible learning experience.

Vast Range of Topics: NMA covers a broad array of topics, including anatomy, painting, drawing, and sculpting, with detailed courses on each subjectLack of Personalized Feedback: While NMA offers a wide range of courses, personalized feedback or critiques are primarily available through optional coaching programs, which may require additional payment
Quality Instructors: The academy boasts over 60 certified art professionals, ensuring high-quality instructionLimited Interactivity in Some Courses: The pre-recorded format of some courses might not provide the same level of interaction as live classes or personalized coaching sessions
Flexible Learning Methods: NMA provides live classes, streaming interactive lessons, and a large library of courses, catering to various learning preferences.
Affordable Pricing: Compared to traditional art schools, NMA’s subscription model is reasonably priced and grants access to all their content
High-Quality Video Content: Videos are filmed in high definition, with closed captions available in English and Spanish, enhancing the learning experience
Comprehensive Learning Resources: NMA provides 3D models, an extensive image library, and downloadable e-books to supplement the courses.
Community Support: A Discord community and forum for students to interact, share work, and receive peer feedback

For more information, you can visit the New Masters Academy website.

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Alex Tzavaras’s Simplify Drawing and Painting Tutorials

YouTube: Alex Tzavaras's Online Painting Tutorials

Alex Tzavaras’s Simplify Drawing and Painting provides comprehensive insights into classical realist painting and drawing techniques, making it ideal for students who are searching for online oil painting classes.

Focus on Classical Techniques: Emphasizes traditional portraiture and realist painting methods.Limited Style Focus: Mainly on traditional realism, potentially less appealing for abstract or contemporary style enthusiasts.
Limited Palette for Effective Learning: Teaches color mixing using a restricted palette to better understand painting values and temperatures.Self-Directed Learning without Structure: Requires self-motivation and discipline due to the self-directed and self-paced nature of the tutorials.
High-Quality Materials Advice: Offers practical advice on choosing art materials, balancing between quality and affordability.
Generous Teaching Approach: Known for clear, easily understandable explanations of complex concepts.
Emphasis on Fundamentals: Stresses mastering fundamental skills like form, light, color, and drawing.
Accessible Online Content: Tutorials are widely available on platforms like YouTube, providing easy access.

For more information and access to his tutorials, you can visit Alex Tzavaras’s YouTube Channel.

Aaron Blaise’s Oil Painting Course

Website: Aaron Blaise's Online Painting Course

Aaron Blaise’s Oil Painting Course offers an engaging learning experience for artists of all levels interested in mastering oil painting techniques.

Experienced Instructor: Aaron Blaise, with over 30 years of professional art experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to the course, ensuring high-quality instruction.Focus on Animals and Creatures: Aaron explains oil painting fundamentals and techniques using animals and creatures which may not be subject matter for everyone.
Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers a wide range of topics including canvas selection, color theory, and advanced painting techniques.Focus on Digital Tools: While the course is about oil painting, some content may lean towards digital art, which might not align with the interests of traditional oil painters.
Real-Time Instruction: Blaise teaches drawing and painting tips in real-time, making it easy to follow and understand.No Personalized Feedback: Because it’s a pre-recorded online painting class, students don’t get personalized feedback from Aaron.
Bonus Materials: Students receive high-resolution copies of final images and reference photos, enhancing the learning experience.
Engaging Teaching Style: Aaron’s engaging and entertaining style makes the learning process enjoyable and effective.

For more detailed information and to access the course, you can visit Creature Art Teacher.

Watts Atelier Oil Painting Courses

Website: Aaron Blaise's Online Painting Course

Watts Atelier’s Courses are well-regarded for their structured format and quality of content, mainly focusing on traditional art and oil painting.

Pros (+)Cons (-)
➕ Structured Learning Format: Offers a coherent structure for easy navigation through different art concepts, ideal for systematic learning.➖ Unrelated Discussions in Some Courses: Some courses include discussions on topics unrelated to art, which might not be useful for absolute beginners.
➕ Focus on Traditional Art Techniques: Specializes in traditional art styles, providing extensive training in techniques like charcoal drawing and canvas painting.➖ Confusing Assignments and Feedback: The course assignments can be perplexing, and strict grading may pose challenges for beginners.
➕ High-Quality Video Content: Features high-definition video content with clear voiceovers, enhancing the overall learning experience.➖ Non-Guided Learning Experience: The ability to skip ahead in the course might lead students to advance before they’re ready.
➕ Experienced and Recognized Instructors: Instructors, including Jeffrey Watts, are highly experienced and recognized in the industry.➖ Additional Costs for Mentorship: Extra charges for mentorship and masterclasses can make the course more expensive.
➕ Vibrant Community Forum: Includes an active community forum for student interaction and support.Art Supplies Not Included: Students need to procure their own materials, adding to the overall cost.
➕ Diverse Range of Art Courses: Offers a wide range of courses covering various aspects of art, from fundamentals to advanced techniques.

For more details, visit Watts Attelier’s website.

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Michael James Smith’s YouTube Oil Painting Tutorials

YouTube: Michael James Smith's Online Painting Tutorials

Michael James Smith’s online oil painting tutorials receive high praise for their detail and effectiveness, particularly in teaching realistic landscape, portrait, and still life painting.

Detailed Instruction: Comprehensive tutorials covering every step in the painting process.Time Commitment: Tutorials can be lengthy, needing several hours of commitment.
Variety of Subjects: Lessons include landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and more.Limited Interaction: YouTube format may lack personalized feedback or interaction.
Suitable for All Levels: From beginners to advanced artists, there’s something for everyone.
High-Quality Production: Clear, high-resolution videos with no time-lapse content.
Regular Content Updates: New lessons added every month.
Positive User Feedback: Many students express satisfaction and improvement in their skills.

Discover more on Michael’s YouTube channel.

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Stephanie Weaver Group Online Oil Painting Classes

Website: Stephanie Weaver's Group Online Painting Course

Stephanie Weaver’s online oil painting classes offer a unique blend of instruction and community engagement, catering to artists of various skill levels.

Individualized Attention: Each student receives personalized guidance to help achieve their desired painting outcomes.Schedule Constraints: Classes are scheduled for specific days and times, which may not be convenient for everyone.
Flexible Subject Matter: Students can choose the subjects they want to paint, from portraits to landscapes.Limited Style Exposure: Focuses primarily on Stephanie Weaver’s methods and styles.
Varied Skill Development: Covers a range of techniques like alla prima, glazing, scumbling, and blending.Cost Consideration: There is a fee for the classes, which might not fit everyone’s budget.
Relaxed and Creative Atmosphere: The classes aim to provide a stress-free environment conducive to creativity.
Community Learning Environment: Opportunity to learn from and interact with other artists.
Accessible Online Resources: Free online classes and resources are available on YouTube.

Discover more on Stephanie’s website.

Zoey Frank Advanced Online Painting Classes

Website: Zoey Frank's Advanced Online Painting Courses

Zoey Frank’s Advanced Online Painting Classes are a notable choice for those seeking to enhance their oil painting skills, particularly for individuals with some prior experience in painting. The classes, offered by the contemporary oil painter Zoey Frank, blend elements of abstraction and realism.

Comprehensive Structure: Each course includes four 2.5-hour sessions with lectures, demonstrations, and recorded Q&A sessions, ensuring a thorough learning experience.Advanced Level: These courses are more suited for those with previous painting experience, making them less ideal for complete beginners.
Interactive Learning: The format of live Zoom classes and recorded sessions allows for flexibility in learning, while the inclusion of slide lectures, demos, and discussions enhances understanding.Limited Personal Interaction: Although there is a component of feedback through a closed Facebook group, the personal interaction might be less than what one might experience in a physical workshop or class.
Focus on Art History and Composition: The courses offer a unique blend of art history analysis and practical application, focusing on elements such as space, value, and color in creating compelling narratives and compositions.Online Format Limitations: As with many online courses, the potential limitations of not being able to physically interact with materials and receive in-person guidance can be a drawback for some learners.

Find out more on Zoye’s website.

Andrew Tischler’s Advanced Online Oil Painting Academy

Website: Andrew Tischler's Advanced Online Painting Academy

Andrew Tischler’s Advanced Online Oil Painting Academy has garnered attention for its comprehensive and detailed approach to teaching oil painting.

Comprehensive Coverage: The tutorials offer in-depth guidance on various aspects of oil painting, including color, light, equipment, and technique. This thorough approach is beneficial for deepening understanding and improving skills.Suitability for Advanced Artists: Andrew Tischler’s tutorials might be more suitable for artists who already have some experience in oil painting, as they delve into advanced techniques and concepts.
Diverse Learning Materials: Tischler provides a wide range of learning materials, including painting demonstrations, critiques, and extended courses. This variety caters to different learning preferences and artistic interests.Subscription Cost: The Academy offers a subscription model which might be a recurring cost consideration for some learners.
Community Support: There’s an active artist community within the Academy, offering opportunities for interaction, challenges, and shared learning experiences.Independent Learning Style: The online format requires a degree of self-motivation and discipline, as it primarily involves independent learning.

Learn more on Andrew’s academy website and his YouTube channel.

Paint with Kevin® Digital Oil Painting Courses

Website: Paint with Kevin® Digital Painting Courses

Kevin Hill’s Digital Oil Painting Courses, known for their detailed guidance and practical approach, are a popular choice for aspiring oil painters looking to enhance their skills.

Detailed Instruction: Kevin Hill’s courses are praised for their thorough, easy-to-follow instructions, which are especially beneficial for beginners or those looking to refine their technique.Style Specificity: The courses primarily focus on Kevin Hill’s specific painting style, which might not cater to those looking for a broader range of techniques or styles.
Workshop Experience: The courses often include workshop-like experiences, where Kevin provides step-by-step guidance, making complex techniques more accessible.Limited Personal Interaction: While the courses offer workshop experiences, the digital format might limit personal interaction compared to in-person workshops.
Quality of Teaching Materials: Students have appreciated the quality of Kevin’s teaching materials, including DVDs and digital downloads, finding them well-produced and informative.Digital Format: For those who prefer hands-on learning or face-to-face instruction, the digital format may not be as engaging as traditional classes.
Personal Development: Many students reported significant improvement in their skills and a deeper understanding of oil painting techniques.Equipment and Material Costs: While the course itself might be priced reasonably, additional costs for painting supplies and equipment could add up.

Discover more on Kevin’s website and Kevin’s YouTube channel.

Ian Roberts’s Mastering Composition Oil Painting Tutorials

Website: Ian Roberts' Online Painting Course

Ian Roberts’ Mastering Composition Oil Painting Course has been well-received by a wide range of students, from beginners to more experienced painters. The courses focus on enhancing the understanding of composition in painting, which is a crucial aspect of creating visually appealing and impactful artwork.

Comprehensive Learning: Students have praised the thoroughness of the course and the way it has transformed their approach to painting. The lessons are crafted to improve skills progressively, with a focus on seeing the world with an artist’s eye.Focus on Composition: While the course excels in teaching composition, it may not cover other aspects of oil painting as extensively. This focus on composition might be too specific for those looking for a more general oil painting course.
Quality of Instruction: The instruction quality is highly regarded, with many students noting significant improvements in their artwork. Roberts’ ability to convey complex concepts in an understandable manner is a highlight.Digital Format: The digital format of the course requires self-discipline and motivation from students, as it lacks the hands-on guidance of in-person workshops.
Positive Impact on Artwork: Numerous testimonials highlight the positive impact of the course on students’ artwork, indicating a noticeable improvement in painting quality and technique.Suitability for Beginners: Although beneficial for a range of skill levels, absolute beginners might find the course challenging if they lack basic foundational skills in oil painting.
Personal Growth and Inspiration: The course is not just about technical skills; it also focuses on personal growth and finding inspiration in art. Students have expressed how the course has fed their soul and inspired their spirit.Course Investment: The cost of the course and the time commitment required may be considerable, which might be a factor for those with limited resources or time.

Learn more on Ian’s website and his YouTube channel.

Chris Fornataro’s Paint Coach Oil Painting Tutorials

Website: Chris Fornato's Online Painting School

Chris Fornataro’s Paint Coach Oil Painting School is designed to cater to artists looking to learn and improve their oil painting skills through online resources. These tutorials have been well-received by various learners for their comprehensive and accessible teaching style.

➕ Practical Approach Chris Fornataro’s teaching style is down-to-earth and straightforward, making it easy for learners to grasp the concepts.➖ Focus on Foundations The courses heavily emphasize foundational skills, which might not be as appealing to more advanced artists looking for specialized techniques.
➕ Variety of Resources He offers a range of educational resources including online courses, full tutorials on Patreon, and quick tips on YouTube.➖ Limited Interaction Being an online platform, it might lack the personal interaction and immediate feedback found in live classes.
➕ Comprehensive for Beginners The courses are particularly beneficial for beginners, offering a solid foundation in oil painting techniques.➖ Pace of Learning The self-paced nature of online learning requires students to be self-motivated and disciplined.
➕ Accessibility The tutorials are easily accessible online, providing flexibility for learners to study at their own pace and convenience.➖ Equipment and Art Supplies Costs While the course itself might be affordable, additional costs for painting supplies and equipment could be a consideration for some learners.

Find out more on Chris’ website and his YouTube channel.

Kristy Gordon’s Online Oil Painting Classes

Website: Kristy Gordon's Online Painting Courses

Kristy Gordon’s Online Oil Painting Classes are known for their in-depth focus on portrait painting techniques. Based on the available information, here’s a summary of the pros and cons:

➕ In-Depth Learning The courses provide a thorough exploration of portrait painting techniques, allowing students to deeply engage with the subject matter.➖ Specific Focus The specific focus on portraits may limit those looking to learn a broader range of oil painting techniques.
➕ Inspiration from Instructor Kristy Gordon is known to draw inspiration from her students, creating a mutually beneficial learning environment.➖ Learning Curve The depth and complexity of the techniques taught may present a steep learning curve, especially for beginners.
➕ Creative Approach Kristy encourages creativity, providing various strategies to enhance and harness artistic creativity.➖ Digital Format The online format may lack the immediacy and personal interaction of in-person workshops.
➕ Overcoming Creative Blocks She offers practical advice for overcoming creative blocks, a common challenge for many artists.➖ Time Commitment The comprehensive nature of the courses may require a significant time commitment to fully benefit from the instruction.

Find out more on Kristy’s website.

FAQs – Best Online Oil Painting Classes

What are the best online oil painting classes?

The best online oil painting classes are Evolve Artist Academy and Proko Online Oil Painting classes.

Can you learn oil painting online?

Yes, you can learn oil painting online. The secret is to follow a well structured program taught by oil painters with many years of experience. My recommendation is Evolve Artist Academy.

What is the best way to learn oil painting?

The best way to learn oil painting is by following a well structured program with personalized feedback such as Evolve Artist Academy which has an amazing track record of turning beginners into accomplished oil painters.

Is oil painting beginner friendly?

No, oil painting is not considered beginner friendly medium, however if you follow a well structured program with feedback from accomplished oil painters, you are guaranteed to achieve success. I recommend Evolve Artist Program.


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