Neimy is a digital artist based in California and currently studying in Florida. Despite being only a student she is steadily growing her community on Instagram, where she has over 76K followers!  She gives insightful art tips and creates tutorials where she shares her experiences with aspiring artists.

Every artist represents their art. You can tell their personality from looking at it. Don’t push yourself to find your own style. You will know when you have one, so don’t stress yourself too much.

Her characters have vivid colors and beautiful flowy hair. She loves animals and 10 percent of her Society6 art prints sales go to animals shelter.

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Key Takeaways

“Don’t be afraid to share your art and try not to think negative. There will always be people who hate you, but there will also always be people who will support you, too. “

  • Her mom made her love art a lot
  • Neimy went to Florida, Ringling College because she wanted to go to college somewhere far away from home because she wanted to challenge herself, be more independent
  • If you are in an art block, try to notice the mistakes and try to correct them … it will motivate you
  • She is posting a lot on social media to build up her community for the future possibilities
  • Don’t buy the most expensive tablet, start with tablet that connects to your computer to try if you like it
  • Comparing physical vs. online school
    • Online art classes are led by industry experts who have fresh views and know what is new in the industry. Plus, you can choose specific topics
    • Traditional art schools have teachers, who are out of the industry for a few years, so they are out of touch. They don’t necessarily teach specific things you really want to learn
  • Neimy wishes she learned sooner that life drawing is really important for her art skills

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Special thanks to Neimy for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Neimy Kanani, used with permission

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