Ep.38: Mattias Adolfsson on importance of details in your artwork and starting from scratch

Mattias is a freelance illustrator living just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked with everything from computer games to children’s books. He is most known for his detailed ink illustrations, posting new creation on Instagram almost every day! He has already released 4 personal books, one of them “The second in line”, won “most beautiful Swedish book” and several other awards. He dreams of traveling the world and publishing illustrated books about his travel experiences!

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Key Takeaways

“It’s never too late to change”

  • “Being just a funny guy is not that rewarding, so I put the jokes into my drawings”
  • People are giving advice so much from their own universe, so it’s very important to try to see it from their angle and not implement everything at once
  • Value your time. Try to enjoy it but don’t waste it
  • Practice drawing every day

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Special thanks to Mattias for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Mattias Adolfsson, used with permission

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