Marco always wanted to become a professional artist. First, he pursued music and writing as artistic passions. At age 19 he began to study classical drawing, which led him to kindle a love for painting and illustration. He hasn’t looked back since.

Marco’s experience includes books, film, animation, and advertising. His clients are Walt Disney Publishing Worldwide, LEGO, LucasArts, Mattel Toys, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Nelvana, GURU Studio, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Yowza! Animation Inc., Pipeline Studios, and more.

Marco published 3 books filled with his amazing art – Imaginary Places – The Art of Marco Bucci; Small World; and Creativity and the Campfire.

Marco is also a passionate teacher, and currently teaches “The Art Of Color & Light” at CGMA, a course specifically designed to build painting fundamentals from the ground up.

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Key Takeaways

“Produce it and edit it, to make it better”

  • Since an early age, Marco tried to draw, but he was really bad at it and he ‘hated’ the kids who could draw. It actually deflated his hopes in drawing so he got stuck with music which he was really good at. At 19 he started reading interviews with famous artists who all said he should do life drawing. He found a teacher and found out that he can actually learn to draw. He later learned he can make living by doing art as well!
  • Best advice – Follow what is in your heart. It took Marco 15 years to learn what that exactly means for him
  • Always think “Why is somebody going to hire me?” There are million people who are good at art … so why you? His focus is light and color, atmosphere, evocative, pretty, bright and happy scenes – even with horror scenes which people call ‘cute’ horror. Clients respond to this – the green monster on the bridge
  • “Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist.”Jane Smiley

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Special thanks to Marco for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Marco Bucci, used with permission


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