Ep.9: Promote positivity and happiness with Tatyana Vogt from Love Teacup Kisses

Tatyana is an illustrator & YouTuber that makes fun, silly, sassy and cute drawings along with awesome products and videos featuring those drawings.

Love Teacup Kisses is an illustration brand that I created to share my love for crazy fun and cute stuff. I wanted to make this channel to share my art process, how to videos and more.

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Key Takeaways

“Practice! Whatever you enjoy, do as much as you can and don’t give up, not everything comes easy, but if it’s something you want, keep trying because eventually you get there … even if it doesn’t happen, enjoy the process, learn to enjoy the process, you will be so much happier, no matter what’s the outcome”

  • Love Teacup Kisses – what is it? Tatyana creates cute, silly, sassy characters – usually fashionable females and girls. It’s an escape for her … she draws those things to be happy, to smile, and she promotes these things to uplift people. She tries to make sure to promote positivity and happiness …
  • How can I be as good artist as you? Just practice, practice, practice and practice new things on a regular basis. That’s how you become a better artist
  • She schedules her time based on energy. She schedules time on the weekends to do art and edit videos, but sometimes her plans get messed up … Important is that she tries her best to do a little bit on a regular basis
  • She is mindful about how much to take on. She makes sure to take care of herself. “If you are really excited, you are so passionate, you don’t take breaks, you don’t take care of yourself and you can easily burn out!”
  • Now Tatyana draws mostly on her iPad Pro. It is portable and convenient. Considering she has a full time job, it allows her to hassle for Love Teacup Kisses anytime, anywhere!

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Special thanks to Tatyana for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Tatyana Vogt, used with permission

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