Learn Welding: A 2022 Guide to Welding Classes Near You and Online

By Marian Kret •  Updated: Mar 12, 2022 •  Guides

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of in-person and online classes for learning welding. Enjoy and happy crafting!

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Why an Article on the Best Welding Classes?

In my fairly extensive research and digging around I have realized that there is very little available on the web right now about finding classes and instruction for the various kinds of crafting. In fact, if you want to find the best classes for, in this case, learning how to weld, it might be quite a bit more difficult than you imagine.

So I thought it would be super helpful to put together a list of the best available welding classes – including group and private lessons – for 16 cities and metro areas around the United States, and to include some of the best online classes and books as well. But first… 

What Is Welding?

Welding is the use of heat, and/or sometimes pressure, to fuse two or more pieces – usually metal or thermoplastic materials – together, to build, modify or repair things. Welding is different from other techniques – like soldering for example – because with welding the pieces themselves actually melt, and then fuse during their combined cooling.

It sounds simple enough, but welding is a highly skilled art which can take years to learn or master – especially for higher level professional certification or qualifications or for very advanced industrial or artistic techniques.

But you can learn basic welding quickly and pretty easily. The best beginner classes in welding should cover the following elements:

Given the high level of skill involved in even basic welding techniques, the specific nature of welding equipment and the importance of safety and proper preparation, getting the right education is extremely important, and a good teacher, who is clear and communicates well, who takes safety seriously, and who really knows welding, will totally transform your experience in learning and in making!

What is the Best Way to Learn Welding?

I wanted to make sure that you could quickly and easily find the right instruction and instructors for learning how to weld and improving your welding skills, whether you want an online class, a local class or private teacher, or even the best books on learning welding, so I put together this guide to answer some basic questions:

What is the best way to learn how to weld?

What tools and equipment do I need for welding?

How can I find welding classes near me?

Can welding be an art form?

What are the best local welding classes in my area?

What are the best private welding classes near me?

What are the best online classes for learning welding?

What are the best books for learning welding?

How can I learn the different kinds of welding: gas tungsten arc welding; gas metal arc welding; shielded metal arc welding; flux core arc welding?

For local classes, I will concentrate on 16 cities and their metropolitan areas, and so you will find below the best welding classes and workshops for the following cities:

Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis / Saint Paul, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle

Following the listings of best local ceramics classes I will mention a few of the very best online welding courses you can take, and then recommend a few of my favorite books for teaching yourself welding.

What Are the Best Online Classes for Learning Welding in 2022?

Not everybody is able to go to physical classes, because of location, schedule, social distancing / enforced isolation, or other reasons. Luckily there are a lot of other good options, and online learning is one of the best – especially if you can find a good teacher, good course content and well produced classes.

You will, however, need to have your own basic welding and safety equipment, which can be a relatively large expense, and with welding you have to be extremely careful about safety considerations and focus when viewing online courses or videos.

Here I’ll offer some of my favorite online learning platforms, and especially ones that are particularly good for learning various creative hobbies – which do require a certain approach, a particular type of teacher and teaching style and very clear visuals and instructions to be really successful.

So when people ask me specifically:

Is it possible to learn welding online?

What is the best online class for learning welding?

What is the best online school for arts and crafts?

How can I learn Welding online?

Are there any really good online learning platforms?

…based on my experience and feedback from lots of other makers in the community I have the following recommendations:


Online Welding Courses

Learn anything, on your schedule on Udemy!

Explore the Courses Now

Udemy has a surprisingly large selection of welding classes – especially considering the other major online learning platforms often don’t have any at all – and the production values, course content, teaching and presentation are all top notch.

American Welding Society

With a huge range of classes and courses on all aspects of welding, the American Welding Society (AWS) has the best online welding program by far, with brilliantly produced classes, intelligent and complete coursework, great teachers, real and continuous focus on safety and best practices, and deep and extensive real-world experience.

AWS Online Courses | American Welding Society Education Online


It must be said that YouTube has some pretty amazing free content, and the welding tutorials and classes are, or at least can be, pretty awesome. Another great thing about YouTube is the search engine, which when you’re searching for something as basic and popular as, say, “learning Welding” comes up with brilliant results right at the top of the page. 

But if that all isn’t easy enough for you, just click on this link and you’ll see what I mean!

YouTube “Learning Welding”

I also want to point out a couple of my favorite welding content providers on YouTube, with genuinely valuable and helpful videos and great presenters:

What Are the Best Books for Learning Welding in 2022?

And I’ll close out this comprehensive online guide to the best resources for learning welding with a short list of some of my favorite books on the subject. 

I had originally planned to list beginners and advanced books on welding separately, but as I reviewed my own personal picks I realized that I greatly prefer books that offer both – ones that start at a basic, total beginner level, assuming no experience or knowledge, but also include advanced techniques, and often a lot of other resources, ideas and inspirations for people of all levels.

So while the first few books are really geared more at newbies, you will find that, even if you have no prior experience, any of these books will be a great choice and a wonderful resource.

What Are the Best Local Classes for Learning Welding in 2022?

This online guide to welding education is a bit different than the other listicles in our series, in that many, or maybe even most, of the classes offered all over the country are more of a professional training nature – that is, a welding technology program leading to professional welding positions, American Welding Society certification and careers in welding. These classes will tend to be very concentrated and specific, and go into very specific types of welding, like (among others):

While welding is a big part of creative hobbies, there are very few classes offered in the arts and crafts communities. This actually ends up being a good thing, though, because learning welding – even through a short and easy intro class – is, and should be, pretty serious business, and commercial classes on any level are absolutely clear about, and emphasize with intensity, the importance of good and continuous focus on welding safety.

Along these lines, I also should mention that I am not really aware of any private classes for welding, at least ones that are advertised to the public and generally available. And so while our other guides offer recommendations for both group classes and private instruction, here I will offer only group class listings. Of course, given the nature of welding, and of welding instruction, these classes tend to be quite small anyway, with lots of one-on-one interaction.

Anybody can use one of the countless online specialty search services for finding local classes, like groupon or yelp, and in fact they do usually offer good, fairly complete and up to date listings of classes in the area, so you might want to check out some of the leading ones, like:

Usually these search services are really easy to use, by simply typing in what you’re looking for – “Woodworking classes” – and the area, city or state – “Monowi, Nebraska” – and then it’s just enter, wait and wade through the somewhat random listings.

Or, better yet, you can instead simply scroll down and find your area in the list below and try one of my personal recommendations!

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Atlanta

Atlanta Technical College

1560 Metropolitan Parkway, SW

Atlanta, GA 30310


Atlanta Technical College – Welding and Joining Technology

Georgia Trade School

4231 Southside Drive

Acworth, GA 30101

770-590-WELD (9353)

Program Information 2022 – GA Trade School

Mechanical Trades Institute

6120 Purdue Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30336



Pipefitting (Welding) Program

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Austin

Austin Community College

1020 Grove Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78741


Austin Community College 2022 Classes

Southern Careers Institute

1701 W Ben White Blvd.

Suite 100

Austin, TX 78704


Welding Training in Texas | Best Welding School Texas | SCI

The Contemporary Austin

700 Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78701

512 453 5312

The Contemporary Austin Classes

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Boston

Lincoln Tech

5 Middlesex Avenue

Somerville, MA 02145


Welding Technology Melrose Park, IL

Stonybrook Metal Arts and Sculpture School

24 Porter Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130



The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Chicago

Arc Academy

2225 W. Chicago Ave

Chicago, IL 60622




Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center

6433 N. Ravenswood Ave

Chicago, IL 60626

(773) 961-8498


Metalworking & Forging

City Colleges of Chicago

180 N. Wabash

Chicago, IL 60601


City Colleges of Chicago – Welder, Cutter, Solderer, and Brazer

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Cincinnati

Cincinnati State University

3520 Central Parkway

Cincinnati, Ohio 45223



Cincinnati State 2022 Welding Program

Elite Welding Academy

9740 Near Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246


Elite Welding Academy Classes

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

400 Trade Square E

Troy, OH 45373



Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

The Manufactory

12055 Mosteller Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 45241


The Manufactory Classes

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Dallas

Creative Arts Center of Dallas

2360 Laughlin Dr

Dallas, TX 75228



2022 Classes: Metal Arts

Dallas College – Eastfield

3737 Motley Drive

Mesquite, TX 75150


Welding (Continuing Education)

Dallas College – Mountain View

4849 W. Illinois Ave.

Dallas, TX 75211


Welding (Continuing Education)

MT Training Center

1801 S. Great Southwest Pkwy

Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Welding School | Grand Prairie | MT Training Center

Welding with Coach

Dallas, TX


Welding Coach

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Denver

Community College of Denver

Advanced Manufacturing Center

2570 31st St.

Denver, CO 80216


CCD Welding Course

Emily Griffith Technical College

1860 Lincoln Street

Denver, CO 80203


Emily Griffith Technical College – Welding Courses

General Air

1105 Zuni St

Denver, CO 80204


Welding Academy – Hobby Welding Classes – General Air

Kilroy’s Workshop

7358 Cole View

Colorado Springs, CO 80915



Class Info | Kilroy’s Workshop

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Detroit

Detroit Training Center

5151 Loraine St

Detroit, MI, 48208



Detroit Training Center 2022 Welding Classes

Fournier Enterprises

17 N Rose St., Ste A

Mt. Clemens MI 48043



Fournier Metal Fabrication Workshops

Industrial Arts Institute

20902 Washington Avenue

Onaway MI 49765



Basic Welding | Industrial Arts Institute

Schoolcraft College

18600 Haggerty Road

Livonia, MI 48152



Welding Technology School Detroit Michigan – SchoolcraftCollege

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Kansas City

Crider’s Institute of Welding Technology

300 NW Jefferson

Grain Valley , MO 64029



Hobby Welding Classes

Hammerspace Community Workshop

5200 E 45TH ST

Kansas City, MO 64130



Classes & Events | Hammerspace Workshop

Metropolitan Community College

Penn Valley Campus

3201 Southwest Trafficway

Kansas City, Missouri 64111-2764



Welding Program | Metropolitan Community College

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Los Angeles

California Welding Institute

32081 Corydon St, 

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530



SoCal Welding Institute

College of the Canyons

26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd

Santa Clarita, CA 91355

661) 259-7800

Welding Technology | Course Descriptions

Gearhead Workshops

25101 Petroleum Ave.

Harbor City, CA 90710


Classes | Gearhead Workshops

Tri-Community Adult Education

160 Barranca Ave

Covina, CA 91723


Tri-Community Welder Training

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Minneapolis / Saint Paul

Chicago Ave Fire Arts

3749 Chicago Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55407




Minneapolis Community and Technical College

1501 Hennepin Avenue,

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Minneapolis Community and Technical College Welding Course


3757 3rd St NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421

612 -229-5009


Classes | MPLS MAKE

Toll Gas and Welding Supply

3005 Niagara Lane N

Plymouth, MN


Welding Seminars Minneapolis | Beginner & Advanced Seminar | Toll Gas

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in New York

Hedron Studio

285 Midwood St

Brooklyn, NY 11225

347 709 8293


WORKSHOPS for 2022 — Hedron Studio

Michael Daniels Metal Design

22-14 40th Avenue, 3rd Floor

Long Island City, Queens, NY



Welding Classes in New York City | Michael Daniel Metal Design

Nikki Romanello

Private Welding and Metalworking Instructor

Brooklyn, NY


Private Classes

Metal Shop Fantasy Camp

175 Bogart St

Brooklyn, NY 11206



MSFC Facebook Page

Westchester Community College

75 Grasslands Road

Valhalla, NY 10595


Welder Technician – Westchester Community College

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Philadelphia

Blaise Metalworks

1930 E Huntingdon Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Classes — Blaise Metalworks

Community College of Philadelphia

1700 Spring Garden Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130


Welding Technology | Community College of Philadelphia

Industrial Training and Testing Institute

2251 Fraley St

Philadelphia, PA 19137



Welding Certification – Philadelphia, PA – Industrial Training and Testing Institute

NextFab North Philadelphia

1800 N. American Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122


NextFab | Metalworking | Welding, Plasma Cutting & More

NextFab Philadelphia

2025 Washington Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19146


NextFab | Metalworking | Welding, Plasma Cutting & More

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Phoenix

Phoenix Forge

535 W. Van Buren Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85003



Upcoming Classes at Phoenix Forge

RSI – The Refrigeration School

4210 East Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034



Welding Classes & Training Program in Phoenix, AZ | RSI

Vern Lewis Welding Supply

8961 N 79th Avenue, Suite 106

Peoria, AZ 85345


Welding Classes – Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in San Francisco

Almost Scientific

3431 Louise St

Oakland, CA 94608


Almost Scientific 2022 Classes

City College of San Francisco

50 Frida Kahlo Way

San Francisco, CA 94112


Welding Courses – San Francisco

TM Technology

17167 Salmon Mine Rd

North San Juan, CA 95960


Hands-on Metalworking Workshops – Classes & Trainings

The Crucible

1260 7th St

Oakland, CA 94607



Bay Area Welding Class | The Crucible

The Best Local Group Classes / Workshops for Learning Welding in Seattle

Hazard Factory

7800 Seventh Ave. South

Seattle Wa 98108


CURRENT CLASSES | Hazard Factory

Pratt Fine Arts Center

1902 South Main Street

Seattle WA 98144


Fabrication Classes | Pratt Fine Arts Center , Seattle

South Seattle College

6000 16th Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98106



Welding Fabrication Technology | South Seattle College

Studio Steel Works

3600 E Marginal Way S

Seattle, WA 98134



Class Catalog & shop – Studio Steel

Thanks so much for reading my article! I hope that this guide to the best resources for learning how to weld has been helpful, and that you have found what you are looking for – whether it be a great welding class in your area, a great online learning platform for learning welding or the best welding books.

And please let me know if you have your own favorite local class – in one of our featured cities or anywhere else – or if there are any online resources or books that you like, so we can expand this article and make it even better and more useful!

You might also be interested in our other articles in this series, which follow the exact same format in listing the best local crafting classes, the best online crafting courses and the best books for several other types of creative hobbies. You can access any of them simply by clicking the links below, or by visiting our website – Art Side of Life. Thanks again, and good crafting!

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