Ep.4: Creating comics on Patreon and YouTube with LavenderTowne

Haley Newsome a.k.a LavenderTowne is a comic book artist, a Ravenclaw, and a little sleepy.

I write and draw two comics, Unfamiliar (a story about some wee witches) and Disasterpiece (a comedy comic about my life at art school.) I also make some Youtube videos and do lots of random art on the side! I love making things and I spend almost all of my free time working on my comics and my Youtube channel.

Online courses

Improve your art skills and learn how to make money as an artist. Check out my courses about Making Money as an Artist, Color & Light, Color Palettes, GIFs, Posters and more!

She is doing pretty well on Patreon and as she puts it: ” … Patreon is a stable income, which helps me relax and keep working on my comics and videos without having to worry! I sprinkle rewards all throughout the month, and Patrons hear first about new projects!”

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Featured course

Knowing how to use Color and Light in your artworks is one of the best skills to learn as an artist because it will help you take your artworks from good to great.

Key Takeaways

“Whatever it is you want to do, just start today, it doesn’t matter if you are not good enough, if you start, things will turn out to be fine, you will learn and you will go places!”

  • She attended Alberta College of Arts and Design in Calgary – she was looking at Canada for universities because she had heard they have high quality education lot cheaper than in the US, compared to like CalArts
  • She likes to make her art available as much as possible because of young artists who don’t have tons of disposable income to spend
  • She plans by thinking couple of years into the future and visualizing it
  • On selecting projects, she tries to think about if it’s gonna negatively impact anything that is going on right now – YouTube or ‘Unfamiliar” (her comic) – if it does, she turns it down, because she wants to stay loyal to people that got her where she is now
  • Her weirdest inspiration is stuff she doesn’t like – boring movie or a show, because it always makes her want to improve it …

Featured Resource

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

Resources mentioned

Special thanks to Haley for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Haley Newsome, used with permission

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