Ep.85: Hieu Nguyen (Kelogsloops) on capturing feelings in your artworks

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Key Takeaways

“Be open-minded, challenge yourself and develop yourself because there is always somebody better than you”

  • Hieu says anatomy and color is the hardest thing to do. He never took classes though. He learned from observation, observing real world, looking at people, hands, etc. His work is not realistic, but more surreal, manga and anime. He also tries to do studies a lot to learn
  • Hieu advises to emulate artists that you look up to, refine their artworks and practice your own style that way
  • Hieu’s huge growth on social media came with consistency and community engagement – discussing, asking for critique, constantly improving and showing off his work!
  • Hieu’s work always has to be driven by feelings, the portrait, the faces, they capture the expression. Everything has to be right!

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Special thanks to Hieu for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Hieu Nguyen, used with permission

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