Ep.98: Finding mentors with Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna (IAMO)

Hey, guys! In this episode, I am chatting with Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna, aka IAMO from Tijuana, Mexico. He is a Cartoonist and Character Designer mostly known for his popular Nerdmigos webcomic where he shares his passion for telling stories.

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Key Takeaways

“Find and build your tribe!”

  • IAMO has been looking for a mentor whole his life and he started reaching out to artists who were willing to share their advice. Stephen Silver became his mentor and advised him on tools, direction and ways to improve
  • IAMO shares that best advice he ever received was on the importance of setting goals and having a purpose. Mentor can help you to clarify these things
  • IAMO says that you gonna get a good feedback from the person when the first question they ask you is “What is your goal?”
  • IAMO’s fav quote is from Henry Moore, a sculptor: “There is no retirement for the artist, it’s the way of living!” It means we don’t stop learning and it makes it very exciting because you never get bored


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Special thanks to Ismael for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna, used with permission

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