Alice is an illustrator, animator, designer, artist and a YouTuber.

She has a very popular YouTube channel where she makes art videos of all kinds, including speed drawing videos, tutorials, challenges, and other fun things!

I mostly use watercolor and Copics on the YouTube channel, but I’m also experienced in oil, digital, and 3D work. I hold a degree in Painting and Graphic Design, and another in 3D Animation!

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Key Takeaways

“Do not stop! There are many people on the same road as you, wishing to achieve their dreams but give up along the way. So If you don’t give up you are already better off than many others.”

  • Alice’s biggest decision in her art journey was the decision to go back to school. First, she graduated from a traditional art college, but she didn’t know what to do afterward, so she went traveling to Europe and Asia. She did an art residency program in Florence and she traveled Indonesia and other Asian countries. When she got back she studied animation and got animation degree. It was a scary decision because it takes money & time, but it was worth it
  • Alice started her popular YouTube channel because she wanted to have more time to do her own art and YouTube art community is so supportive that she just kept going and growing.
  • Alice says you should do YouTube because you love it, it’s not a profitable thing unless you have millions of followers. Don’t be intimidated to start, it is really the most supportive community out there, and she rarely gets hateful comments.
  • One of her biggest inspirations was her art teacher at high school who told her “Apples and oranges”, you can’t compare yourself to other artists and “Make art, make good art”, that energy was just contagious.
  • Alice’s income plan is to make 50% of YouTube/Twitch/Cons/Merch & Selling prints and 50% from her independent graphics business and freelance work for kidlit
  • Alice is really grateful for her community and regularly inspires them with videos like this motivation video

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Special thanks to Alice for joining me today. See you next time!

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All artworks by Alice Coles, used with permission

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