Ep.74: How to become a surf, skate and street artist with Fieldey

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Haylee “Fieldey” Fieldes is a Surf, Skate & Street Artist, originally from New Zealand, living and working in Perth, Western Australia and now on 1 year long road trip in South America 🙂

She studied graphic design in Sydney and in 2007 learned to surf and decided to custom-paint her first surfboard, launching her career as one of the best surf artists in the industry.

Since then she has painted hundreds of surfboards and skateboards, murals, bowling pins and a 2.4m remote-controlled jet boat. She has been commissioned to produce artwork by brands such as: Coca-Cola, Citroën, Iron Fist Clothing, Anytime Fitness and Seven Skates.

Her popular YouTube channel, Fieldey TV, has helped to make her a star in the surf, skate and street art scene and her unusual and cheeky wall murals are a popular fixture on the streets of Perth.

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Key Takeaways

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Don’t be afraid to get “no” ”

  • Fieldey got to painting surfs by accident when she learned to surf and decided she wanted to make her own one! Through the process of watching YouTube tutorials, trial & error she got through many iterations that were not satisfactory. She got breakthrough after she talked with an expert from a local surf shop who taught her what tools and materials to use
  • Fieldey advises studying something on top of arts, for example, Graphic Design, because it can mean you get a steady paycheck, while you are growing as an artist
  • Studies in graphic design gave Fieldey also a bit of edge, because she knew how to prepare her website, promo materials and how to market herself
  • When working with clients, Fieldey advises always to set expectations in the beginning and if you can’t deliver, always find other solution! In th, s way you keep your reputation as a professional artist

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Special thanks to Fieldey for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Haylee Fieldes, used with permission

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