Tips For Growing Your Art Confidence As An Artist ❤️ What to Do When You Hate Your Art

Iva Mikles

Hi, and welcome back to another Artist Advice video!

In this episode, I’m excited to share some personal insights and tips that have helped me grow happier and more content with my art and skills. As a full-time artist, building confidence in my art style was a lengthy and challenging journey, but it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Today, I’ll also walk you through my drawing process for one of my recent illustrations, tying in these insights as we go.

Tip #1 – Slow Down:

In our fast-paced social media world, it’s tempting to produce art rapidly to keep up with trends.

This can lead to dissatisfaction, especially when quantity overshadows quality. Remember, those speed drawing videos are just condensed snapshots of a much longer process.

I too share sped-up versions for a quick glimpse, but for those seeking depth, I have longer format videos and classes. Embrace your art journey as an exploration, not a race.

Taking your time to develop skills can profoundly impact your sense of fulfillment.

Tip #2 – Adjust Your Expectations:

Setting realistic expectations can significantly enhance your artistic satisfaction.

Rather than striving for perfection in every piece, especially under time constraints, focus on the joy of creation.

Experiment with new tools, topics, and fundamentals, and let yourself be surprised by the outcome.

This approach has helped me tremendously.

Tip #3 – Embrace References:

Using references is not only acceptable but beneficial.

They provide a solid foundation for honing your skills and creating more accurate and compelling artwork.

I’ve found that regularly practicing with references has greatly contributed to my growth as an artist.

Tip #4 – Follow Your Passion:

Chasing trends might bring visibility, but true artistic fulfillment comes from creating what genuinely interests you.

Art should reflect your unique voice and passions.

Balancing trend exploration with your preferred subjects can prevent burnout and maintain your artistic identity.

Tip #5 – Compare With Your Past Art:

Instead of comparing your skills with other artists, who may have more experience, focus on your progress by looking at your earlier works.

This practice has been crucial in overcoming impostor syndrome for me.

While it’s beneficial to seek inspiration and set goals by observing experienced artists, avoid direct comparisons that might lead to disappointment.

Tip #6 – Embrace Imperfections:

Treat art as a journey of experimentation. Not every piece will be perfect, and that’s perfectly okay.

Each creation, successful or not, is a stepping stone in your artistic development.

Enjoy the process, and don’t take every result too seriously.

That wraps up this episode!

I’d love to hear how you stay positive about your art journey. Please share your thoughts in the YouTube comments, so we can all learn from each other.

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