Georgi is an illustrator and concept artist from Sofia, Bulgaria.

He worked on concept art and matte paintings for movies such as Conan and Expendables. Also, he creates concept art and Illustrations for various clients such as Imperia Online, Murka, Fantasy Flight Games and Trazzy Entertainment.

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Key Takeaways

“If you really want to be good at art, you have to put a lot of hours of hard work into it … and it really pays off. When I began drawing, I used to draw until 3-4am in the morning with school starting at 8 am!”

  • Georgi started drawing only when he was 22. He studied law before and stopped because of art! He watched YouTube tutorials, forum and learned from there
  • The worst advice he got was to complicate artworks more in the beginning, but he was not good at art yet so it only frustrated him. You need to start with fundamentals.
  • His best motivation is his fans, they inspire him the most when they give him feedback
  • Georgi compares working on his own and for a studio. Working on your own is great because it’s all yours and nobody pressures you. Though in a studio you learn discipline and you learn different skills from all the great people around you!
  • DeviantArt/ArtStation vs Instagram. Instagram is more of life journal. You need to draw more fast stuff.  He used to post his old pieces, great stuff, but nobody paid attention!!! He felt angry so he started to post quick stuff, regularly and people responded.DeviantArt and ArtStation are more serious, and he posts mostly finished and polished stuff once per month, which is totally OK

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Special thanks to Georgi for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Georgi Georgiev, used with permission

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