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Evolve Artist Program

Iva Mikles
Evolve Artist Program

Evolve Artist is an art learning program in the form of online classes combined with high-quality art supplies, an easy-to-follow curriculum, and a supportive community of art teachers and fellow art students.

Evolve Artist program offers the shortest path to gaining the serious skills necessary to create art without limitations.

Kevin Murphy, an award-winning illustrator and portrait painter from New York, USA, developed the program. He designed it so that anybody can learn to create art at a professional level.

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Table of Contents

Students Before and After Progress

See the progress of some of the students below:


Use coupon code “artsideoflife” to get $100 off the full tuition cost of Evolve!

What Will You Learn in Evolve Artist Program?

Kevin has been refining the Evolve Artist program with students’ feedback for more than 10 years so he could create predictable results for all students.

“Every student in the Evolve program goes through the same process and gets the same results. It doesn’t matter if you have been drawing for years or if this is the first real program you are taking. We will show you how to get there if you want to create artwork that inspires those around you.”

– Kevin Murphy – the creator of Evolve Artist Program

Technical Proficiency

Technical proficiency is the basis of all skillfully produced art. In that, Evolve offers a ground-up program to develop these particular skills for artists at every level—from beginner to advanced.

Evolve’s system demystifies the creative process, breaking it down into just three simple moving parts—value, edge, and color. Once you command these basic aspects of art, you will open up a clear path to producing consistent, high-quality art.

No detail is overlooked, from learning to use a brush properly to creating realistic art.

The knowledge exercises are designed to gradually increase the difficulty in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way.


“Evolve teaches art as a language: beginning with an alphabet, developing a rudimentary vocabulary, and eventually learning to craft poetry.”

– Kevin Murphy, the creator of Evolve Artist Program

Use coupon code “artsideoflife” to get $100 off the full tuition cost of Evolve!

What Will You Get with Evolve Artist Program?

All the Necessary Art Supplies

With each block, you will receive all the art supplies to your home, anywhere in the world, so you can complete each exercise without going to the art store.

Have a look at some of the supplies you will be getting in the Evolve Artist Program Unboxing video below:

Use coupon code “artsideoflife” to get $100 off the full tuition cost of Evolve!

Interactive Support

What is more, you will be getting access to the online community of art instructors and students like you:

Is Evolve Artist Good? Is Evolve Artist Worth It?

Before deciding on any new art program, I love to read other students’ feedback so I can get their opinion. Read the feedback of some of Evolve Artist students below:


“Starting an art practice can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Evolve is a great system and process through which to learn and gain skills efficiently. Not only that, but the staff and entire community that exists in the course are supportive, friendly, helpful, and joyful about art-making. It’s also SO worth the price. If you are considering it, do it! You won’t regret it.”

Marinda, Evolve student


“What you’re joining is a well-thought-out, meticulously planned program that emphasizes deliberate practice. That means every time you take a lesson and do an assignment there is a clear goal, with each step bringing you closer to being able to draw and paint photo-realistic pieces. The program funnels your hard work into accelerated results. So if you’re looking for a program that rewards every hour you put in and you’ve always wanted to draw and paint photo-realistic pieces, there isn’t anything else out there like this!”

Jevin, Evolve student


“There is no way I could be doing this well without your course. I love it and it is a lifesaver for me. I can’t believe I hesitated to sign up for it at first, but it seemed too good to be true. I would never push myself this hard alone and I love the accountability that this course offers. You said in your welcome video that your students were like a family. I feel it, thank you.”

Janette, Evolve student

Use coupon code “artsideoflife” to get $100 off the full tuition cost of Evolve!

Meet the Creator of Evolve Artist Program and Your Instructor

Meet Kevin Murphy, the founder and creator of Evolve Artist Program, who has been a commercial artist and portrait painter for more than 30 years.

Meet the Student of Evolve Artist Program

Meet Daniel Folta, a student of Evolve Artist Program who is now making a living by being a full-time artist and painter.

How Much Does Evolve Artist Cost?

At the time of my update (May 2022), Evolve Artist Program costs $2’500 as a one-time payment or 12 monthly payments of $249. Use my coupon code below to get a special discount!

Although the price seems steep at first glance, it includes a well-designed curriculum that delivers guaranteed results; the highest quality art supplies; access to art instructors to lead you along the way, and an engaged art community of fellow art students.

Join Evolve Artist Program

To join Evolve Artist program, click below and use my coupon code to get a special discount!

Use coupon code “artsideoflife” to get $100 off the full tuition cost of Evolve!

If you want to try parts of the program, click on one of the following options:

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