Evolve Artist Program

Evolve Artist is an art learning program in the form of online classes combined with high-quality art supplies as well as easy to follow curriculum and a supportive community of art teachers and fellow art students.

Evolve Artist offers the shortest path to gaining the serious skills necessary to create art without limitations.

The program was designed upon the premise that anybody can learn to create art at a professional level.

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Evolve teaches art as a language: beginning with an alphabet, developing a rudimentary vocabulary, and eventually learning to craft poetry.

Art College Education at the Fraction of the Cost

Technical proficiency is the basis of all skillfully produced art. In that, Evolve offers a ground-up program to develop these particular skills for artists at every level—from beginner to advanced.

Evolve’s system demystifies the creative process, breaking it down into just three simple moving parts—value, edge, and color. Command over these basic aspects of art will open up a clear path to producing consistent, high-quality art.

What Students Say?


“Starting an art practice can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Evolve is a great system and process through which to learn and gain skills efficiently. Not only that, but the staff and entire community that exists in the course is supportive, friendly, helpful and joyful about art making. It’s also SO worth the price. If you are considering it, do it! You won’t regret it.”

Marinda, Evolve Student

What You Will Learn

From learning to use a brush properly to creating realistic art, no detail is overlooked.

  • Block 1 – Value & Form – Through control of value and edge, you will learn to create the impression of light and shadow, as well as volume and depth.
  • Block 2 – Proportional Drawing – Learn to craft precise proportional drawings from life. Coupled with the skills developed in Block 1, you will be able to create original paintings from scratch.
  • Block 3 – Painting in Color – With solid painting skills now at your command, you will begin incrementally incorporating the third and final moving part: color. This step-by-step approach makes the addition of color feel like a natural extension of your rapidly developing skillset.
  • Block 4 – Direct Painting – This is where you pull it all together by taking everything you have learned in the three previous Blocks and push your skills to the next level, creating fully finished works of art.
  • Block 5 – Vacant shadows – A classical approach that allows students to focus on light and edge alone. This elegant technique, though impressive on its own, sets the stage for speed painting.
  • Block 6 – Speed Painting – A multi-layered approach to painting, giving your work a greater sense of atmosphere. This technique will significantly increase your speed, allowing you to create more in less time.
  • Block 7 – Puddling – Departing from the leaner applications of paint in the prior blocks, you will begin to work with heavier impastos and a more relaxed technique. Color mixing directly on the canvas will improve both your color and value control.

What You Will Get?

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