POPULAR: Drawing Flowers in Procreate: Find Your Floral Illustration Style

By Iva Mikles •  Updated: Jul 14, 2020 •  Online Classes

Create your own unique floral style and experiment with adding flowers to your illustrations.

In this class, we will go through fun exercises and demos, so you can explore different ways to create beautiful floral designs. You will also learn what I believe is important when developing your own floral style.

Create Your Own Unique Floral Style​

Floral illustrations have quite an extensive application and you could use them on prints, fabrics, and various products & merchandise. You could also create flower inspired artwork collections or use floral elements as decorations in your artworks and connect them together.

What Students Say?

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“Wow! This class was amazing! I have learned so much that I will be able to use on a regular basis in my artwork and lettering projects. This teacher will definitely be added to my list of favorites, and I hope she does more classes in the future. I learned a different approach to creating flowers. Her approach and he way she taught it really clicked with me and my learning style. I think it was my most favorite floral class to date. I just hope I can create some exciting compositions. I am sure with practice I will. I also appreciated the different points of inspiration you use and look at when preparing an art piece. I learned about a new old master that I haven’t studied yet, and found some new ideas for inspiration. I am overjoyed with this class and what I have learned. Please do more classes!”

Rachel, Student

What You Will Learn

I will explain my floral illustrations process step by step. You will learn about:

I will be also showing you how you can use references, and what to consider when you draw flowers from your imagination.

I will be drawing digitally in Procreate, but feel free to use any other digital drawing software or the medium you like, such as colored pencils, markers, and acrylics.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn how to draw flowers and develop your own floral style or you are a bit more experienced illustrator who wants to learn new tips and tricks, this class is for you.

Let’s create those beautiful floral designs.

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