Draw a Cute Cartoon Cat in Procreate

Iva Mikles

Hey there!

Welcome to my easy step-by-step Procreate tutorial, where we’ll be drawing a cute cartoon cat in Procreate.

Let’s draw this cute illustration together! It radiates with summer vibes, inspired by a cool blue and white color palette that captured my imagination.

Whether you’re a beginner or new to Procreate, don’t worry—I’ll guide you through the entire process step by step.


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I’ve prepared some fun brushes and color palette for you, which you can use in the tutorial.

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We’ll start with setting up a canvas with specific dimensions and a grid guide to maintain proportions.

Then we sketch the window, adding depth with darker shades and introducing cozy greenery with various green tones.

Then we continue drawing a stylized cartoon cat beneath the greenery,

Then we add details to our kitty and the surrounding scene in Procreate. To make things simple, we draw using simple shapes, followed by the addition of greenery and a personalized kitty facial expression.

As the last steps, we redefine the window scene and introduce additional elements for a more detailed composition. We will be creating the illusion of a textured brick wall using various Procreate brushes.

Then we end the tutorial by adding colorful hanging laundry beneath the window, using various techniques to create depth, realism, and vibrancy in the scene.

I hope you had fun and expressed individual creativity throughout the process.

If you share your illustration on Instagram, don’t forget to tag me in the image @art_side_of_life so I can see your amazing work. Who knows, your artwork might even be featured in one of my future videos!

By the way, if you enjoyed this tutorial, I have many more Procreate tutorials and Procreate classes available. You’ll find a variety of topics and skill levels, from drawing people to composition and more. Feel free to explore and build your art skills further.

Happy illustrating! 🎨🌟


Hi, I am Iva (rhymes with “viva”). I am a full-time self-taught artist behind Art Side of Life® and a Top Teacher on Skillshare. I have 15 years of experience in the creative field as a concept designer, illustrator, art director, and now freelance artist, content creator, and art instructor. My goal is to help you get your creative groove on with Procreate and make awesome art through practical classes, tutorials, Procreate brushes, and guides on art tools, supplies and resources. About me »

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Hey there!

I am Iva (rhymes with viva), and I'm the artist behind Art Side of Life. I'm all about helping you get your creative groove on with Procreate and make awesome art! So on my website, I share Procreate classes, tutorials, brushes, and guides on art tools, supplies, and resources. Ready to create and make amazing art? Then explore, join and have fun ♡

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Open Procreate and enjoy!

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