Ep.91: Dan Howard on the importance of attending conventions

Hey, guys! In this episode, I am chatting with Dan Howard, full-time freelance illustrator and concept artist from LA. He has worked with clients such as Rocket Games, UbiSoft, Riot Games, Flight Comics, and Fantasy Flight Games, just to name a few.

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Key Takeaways

“Always draw and enjoy what you draw … whatever you like!”

  • Dan’s biggest influence when he was a kid was his older brother, an artist himself. He would send Dan his drawings and Dan wanted to be like him. He always wanted him to succeed.
  • Dan absolutely recommends going to conventions. You will learn more about the strategy of living as an artist, you will get hang of it, discover print shops. Even if you feel awkward, don’t look awkward and just do it!
  • Dan recommends that you are everywhere as an artist – facebook, art station, Instagram and do everything separately. You have to do posts for those audiences specifically so they feel appreciated
  • Dan says that when working with the art directors, it’s not about rendering everything to be photorealistic, but about simplification – stylized, faster drawing. Sometimes they want the assets as fast as possible and there is only time for the ‘essence’.


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Special thanks to Dan for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Dan Howard, used with permission

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