Best Cover Stitch Machines: A 2022 Stitch Artist’s Guide

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In this article, I’ll share with you my recommendations for the best cover stitch machines available on the market today. Happy sewing and crafting!

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If you’re in a hurry and want to get right to the best pick, here’s my recommendation:

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For creating beautiful and durable professional hems on garments, a good coverstitch sewing machine is an absolute necessity. Today we’re going to look at this marvelous tailoring tool, with a brief discussion about what exactly a coverstitch machine is and why they are so important in garment making.

Then I will list a few of the best cover stitch sewing machines on the market today, with a short description of each one.

And now let’s cover all our bases, with a more in-depth look at coverstitch machines!

What is a CoverStitch Machine?

And what’s the difference between it and a regular sewing machine?

A coverstitch sewing machine (also commonly written cover stitch) is a machine for doing hemming in the most professional manner, including the classic double needle coverstitch, as well as decorative stitches like a chain stitch.

They are especially great for stretchy fabrics, woven fabrics like cotton and polyester, and really all kinds of knit fabrics, but they aren’t just for knit garments – they can really provide perfectly finished garment edges on any material – a great thing if you are selling your work (or, you know, wearing it…).

If you’ve seen the hem stitching on professionally produced clothing, with two or more nice, even stitch lines on top and a woven “coverstitch” thread pattern hidden on the back, you know exactly what a coverstitch machine does.

And if you’ve tried and tried hemming knit fabrics, or really any kind of fabric, at this professional level with a regular sewing machine, well, I feel your pain! But at least you know now exactly why you need a good coverstitch machine.

The typical coverstitch machine has an arm across the top for guiding thread and usually at least four spools. One of these threads, the looper thread, is used for the bottom weaving, which allows the hem stitch to stretch, and makes cover stitch machines good for a huge range of fabrics, from standard to super-stretchy.

And the other one, two or three threads are used by the needles – the same number of needles as thread spools – to create a single needle, double needle or triple needle coverstitch.

You can use coverstitch machines for other purposes as well, like decorative top-stitching or attaching trim – from lace to latex elastics – but its main function is to make truly professional looking, durable hems in pretty much any kind of fabric or any garment you’re working with – .

What to Look For in the Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine

A cover stitch machine is a fairly complex beast, and poor quality machines will often:

But a good, or great, coverstitch machine is an absolute joy to set up, adjust and use, works beautifully each and every time, and with each and every kind of hem and kind of fabric, and will last for years and years.

So in this guide to best coverstitch machines I’m going to focus on these qualities above and beyond all else:

Cover stitch Machines vs Sergers – What’s the Difference?

Coverstitch sewing machines and serger machines actually look very similar, but they have different functions. A serger (also called an overlock machine) also uses and weaves several strands of thread, but uses them to make professional quality seams that won’t unravel, and trims away raw material with one or two integrated trimming blades.

As you can imagine, anybody who is making garments – professionally, or just for their own use – would probably want both a coverstitch machine for perfect hems and a serger for perfect seams, and you can even get a machine that does both – although they are often very difficult to convert from one function to the other.

One of my choices – the fabulous JUKI MO-735 – is actually a convertible, that will also handle serger functions, but I’m only including it because not only is it excellent at both serger and coverstitch functions, but it is not ridiculously difficult and time consuming to switch over – quite easy, in fact!

For the most part, though, our focus here is on the best machines for making beautiful professional quality hems on garments.

How Can You Get the Best Cover Stitch Machine?

For your part, the main thing to consider is budget – how much are you willing to spend for your new coverstitch machine?

In general, for good quality machines, that have at least four thread spools, and are made to professional standards, will cost a bit more, but they offer a substantial increase in flexibility, reliability and life, and are often considered well worth the additional cost by anybody who makes garments on a regular basis.

I am going to list my choices for the five best coverstitch machines in order of price, from highest to lowest, and at the beginning of each pick’s description I will clearly let you know how many needles and thread spools the machine has, to make your selection process as easy as possible.

But whichever one you choose, you can be sure that your new coverstitch machine will be a great unit that works just wonderfully, and with an intuitive and highly usable design and true reliability, both day to day and year after year.

Overview: Best Coverstitch Machines in 2022

  1. Yamata FY31016 Flatbed Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine
  2. Yamata FY31016 Flatbed Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine

    Best Industrial Coverstitch Machine

    Coverstitch Flatbed Interlock Knitted Underwear, Table, Servo Motor, DIY

    Buy Now on Amazon
  3. JUKI MO-735 5-Thread Coverstitch / Serger Sewing Machine
  4. JUKI MO-735 5-Thread Coverstitch / Serger Sewing Machine

    Best Convertible Coverstitch / Serger Machine

    Thread Serger and Cover Hem Sewing Machine

    Buy Now on Amazon
  5. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine
  6. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

    Best Coverstitch Machine Overall

    Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

    Buy Now on Amazon
  7. Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger with Sturdy Metal Frame
  8. Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger with Sturdy Metal Frame

    Best Budget Coverstitch Machine

    Sturdy Metal Frame, 1,100 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, Included Snap-on Presser Feet

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Best Industrial Coverstitch Machine

Yamata FY31016 Flatbed Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine

Best Industrial Coverstitch Machine

Coverstitch Flatbed Interlock Knitted Underwear, Table, Servo Motor, DIY

Buy Now on Amazon

 You may already know that Yamata is a true industry leader in commercial sewing machines, and definitely one of the most respected manufacturers among professional tailors and garment manufacturers.

What you may not know is that you can get a Yamata coverstitch machine for such a low price. Ok, not low like cheap – in fact, the Yamata FY31016 is the most expensive product on our list of best over stitch sewing machines – but yeah, in fact this is incredibly inexpensive for such a brilliant industrial machine.

This is a large, full commercial setup, including a work table, two oversized integrated foot pedals for sewing speed and differential, three large spools for needle threads and two for under-weaving, and a very heavy duty DC motor, which can handle constant daily use for many years and offers stitch speeds of up to 5,000 per minute.

This is not an easy machine to initially set up, it takes a lot of room, and it’s a fairly considerable investment, but if you are serious about garment manufacturing or repair, and want to start and run a commercial venture with medium to high output, the Yamata FY31016 flatbed coverstitch machine is the perfect choice, and an amazing truly industrial level machine for an amazingly low price.

Best Convertible Coverstitch / Serger Machine

JUKI MO-735 5-Thread Coverstitch / Serger Sewing Machine

Best Convertible Coverstitch / Serger Machine

Thread Serger and Cover Hem Sewing Machine

Buy Now on Amazon

Although our focus here is on coverstitch machines, I’ve gotta say that this remarkable Juki twin needle convertible coverstitch / serging machine makes so much sense. And though it is a bit more expensive than others on our list, it actually ends up being a pretty amazing value.

I mean, not only is the Juki MO-735 an ideal coverstitch machine for sewing hems and more, with a great design, flawless performance and really high quality stitching and results, it is also an incredibly versatile overlock machine, with two, three or four stitch choices, and will even do five thread safety stitches.

A wide range of controls – including highly precise and responsive adjustable differential feed, adjustable stitch length and tension dials for left or right needle and upper and lower looper thread, as well as a wide range of stitches, make this an especially useful and versatile machine.

It’s incredibly easy to switch from coverstitch to overstitch, equally easy to set up and thread, and remarkably quiet and smooth in operation.

And, being a Juki, you can be sure that it will not only last for many years, but continue to offer the highest quality results and trouble-free operation the whole time.

Best Coverstitch Machine Overall

Best Overall
Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

Best Coverstitch Machine Overall

Coverstitch Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Buy Now on Amazon

Janome coverstitch machines are clearly made by people who know and love sewing. I think that’s why they are so beloved, so highly rated and so frequently recommended by seamsters and seamstresses all over the world – equally true of their regular sewing machines too!

And the CoverPro 1000CPX, their current top of the line model, is the best pure coverstitch machine I’ve ever used, not just because it is fast, quiet and reliable, and always makes perfect top stitches and weaves, but also because of that design.

There is more room to work than with any other domestic coverstitch machine I’ve tried, a truly useful convertible long arm, a brilliant adaptive seam tightening system, and a really intelligent and user-friendly design.

A premium coverstitch machine that’s not ridiculously expensive, that works fast and with very consistent and high quality results, and offers very high levels of material and build quality, the Janome CoverPro 1000CPX is an easy choice for best overall coverstitch machine on the market today.

My Favorite Coverstitch Machine

The Juki MCS-1500 is not just my favorite cover stitch sewing machine, it is the one I own and use regularly, and I absolutely love it!

It is a remarkably fast machine for the money – in fact, faster than most coverstitch machines out there – and yet I have never once experienced any tangles, jams or – especially important! – skipped stitches. 

The differential is reliable and precise, the adjustable presser foot pressure is easy to control, and so working with different kinds of fabrics is simple and effective. 

This is a smallish machine, and in its way quite simple, and is also very easy to set up initially, to thread and to use. Yeah, some machines – like my overall best coverstitch machine choice, the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX, have more working area, but the layout, the placement of the controls and adjustments, the working area itself and the whole overall design of this MCS-1500 seem just right, and it is a joy to use.

I don’t use mine a lot, but crafters who do report that both the day to day and long term reliability are top notch, and I can definitely report that the Juki MCS-1500 looks, feels and sounds like a durable, overbuilt and exceptionally high quality unit – one of the many reasons it’s my favorite coverstitch machine!

Best Budget Coverstitch Machine

Budget Option
Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger with Sturdy Metal Frame

Best Budget Coverstitch Machine

Sturdy Metal Frame, 1,100 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, Included Snap-on Presser Feet

Buy Now on Amazon

I’ll just say this right up front: I, and so many other people out there, consider this Brother 2340CV coverstitch machine to be an absolutely astounding value.

For a couple hundred dollars less than our best overall choice – the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX (see above) – you get a heavy, overbuilt coverstitch machine that is actually a little faster, also uses up to three needles/threads for top stitches, has an easily adjustable, precise and reliable differential feed, is easy to thread and easy to operate, and offers truly professional quality results.

Yes the Janome has more working area, and many prefer its overall layout and functional design, but this is a matter of opinion, and they are both very nicely designed machines. The Janome does make slightly tighter and better stitches, thanks largely to their cool patented seam tightening system, but the Brother also performs really beautifully.

In terms of long term reliability, well, only time will tell, but Janome is pretty legendary in that regard. Still, this Brother 2340CV is a quiet, well made machine that should offer years of reliable service, and is backed by a 25 year warranty against mechanical defects. 

And as well as it does against the more expensive Janome, this Brother fares even better against other machines at its own price, and is an easy choice for best budget coverstitch machine.

Thanks so much for reading this article – The Best CoverStitch Machines: A Stitch Artist’s Guide. I hope it has helped you in understanding coverstitch machines a little better, and in selecting your new machine.

And please visit our website – Art Side of Life – for more articles, buyer’s guides, fascinating interviews, tutorials and lots of other resources for artists, crafters and all kinds of creative folk!

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