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This worth it every single second.

"The advice based on personal and other artist experiences made an outstanding mix of tips for artists of any level. Also, another cool thing is that Iva uses words and a way of explanation that is super simple at the same time that it is useful. I would also say that this course complements in a very good way the Artside of Life Youtube interviews.Highly recommended course. Thank you, Iva! Keep it up with the humbleness of sharing the gems of the creative careers!."
- Manuel F.

This was an excellent class!

"And Iva Mikles has added loads of tips to use Procreate. They were valuable time-saving pointers which she explained really well. She also went through how to use them to illustrate an art piece and this was really helpful to helping me know how to apply it to my artwork. The class was also split up into bite sized chunks which helped to keep a good structure and was easy to take in. Thank you Iva for teaching this! It has helped me gain confidence using colour and different brushes to create a more complex illustration. :)"
- Hannah J.

I loovvvveeeddd this class!

" Of course, I love all courses taught by Ms.Mikles but this was special because of late I've been trying to understand Procreate brushes. I was trying to learn about creating my own brush and was struggling because the teachers were either explaining it too fast or too much in detail. And Ms.Mikles came to my rescue. I absolutely love how Ms.Mikles teaches concepts in a fun and engaging way with actionable steps, examples and tips. Thank you Ms. Mikles for this much needed class and I'm forever grateful for all that you teach us!!"
- Anu P.

Another fantastic class from this wonderful artist!

"I love Iva’s art style, and her clear and concise way of teaching. She’s so talented, supportive, engaging, and entertaining to watch."
- Lala

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