Yana, also known as Cosmic Spectrum is a full-time freelance illustrator and comic artist. She creates in-depth tutorials full of tips that she discovered over her 10+ years of drawing and shares them on Gumroad. She is currently working on a comic book called Grimoire Noir (coming in 2018).

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Key Takeaways

“If you really like drawing, just keep true to yourself and never be ashamed of it!”

  • Some of the best advice Yana received was to learn to be responsible, to push her artwork towards her goals while keeping a minimum level of quality. When she juggles workload, she always decides about prioritization based on deadlines while keeping the minimum level of quality
  • Yana learned to rush a lot, to draw fast. That helped her to be more accurate. She works way faster within boundaries, e.g. if the artwork is already inked and she is doing the coloring. With no lines, it’s hard to determine when to finish and she just obsesses about details
  • Yana thinks the hardest thing to be a full-time freelancer, is to manage your time. She plans weekly and then daily to-dos. She prioritizes tasks based on deadlines, she likes to use a physical planner to check things off
  • Yana’s main inspiration comes from music and books and fashion a lot – aesthetically driven and things pleasing to eye

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Special thanks to Yana for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Yana Bogatch, used with permission


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