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Am I meant to be an artist?

Have you ever questioned whether you were meant to be an artist, or whether it was the best thing to pursue as a full-time career? I’ve always been drawn to other artists and often fantasize about making an income and supporting my family by creating art, however sometimes I also ponder whether this is the right path for me or if I should let my dream career remain a side hobby. The most important thing I want to focus on is spending as much time with my daughter & husband, and to be able to help support us financially. I don’t want to spend too much time wearing all the hats involved with being a successful freelance artist, I just want to create art. I also tend to feel like I should pursue art since it is the one thing I have invested the most time & money in learning, but unsure if I can get the time I desire, and the ability to support us as much as I’d like to. I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject.


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  • @MariCatala This is one of the hardest questions we all have to ask at some point. And it goes for anybody - e.g. doctors, musicians, office workers, etc. Not only artists. In general, it's not really about if we are meant to be this or that, but if we really want it. The intrinsic motivation is usually stronger than the extrinsic one.

    Once you have this clear, then comes the practical part. You gotta pay your bills. Can art be the way to do it? It surely can as we have seen in Iva's interviews, in many ways.

    You write that you just want to create art without worrying about anything that goes into freelance business. Then the best thing for you would be to find a job in the art industry - film, animation, games, books, comics, etc. This doesn't, however, comply with your second wish, which is you want to spend as much time with your daughter and husband. Work in the art industry is hard and usually requires a lot of overtime, especially in crunch periods. In the end, there are pros and cons everywhere, in every situation. Even if you do something you love, there is a certain part of it that you just don't like. That's life.

    So I think you should think about what is more valuable to you - having art as a dream career or spending more time with your family. Once this is clear you can take concrete steps to follow through - making an inventory of what you know (skills & experience), who you know (network) and where you are (environment).

  • That is such a hard question to ask ourselves... Are you always returning to your art? As you mentioned you dream about making income with art is a great goal...it is definitely possible but it takes a long time, which can be frustrating.
    The full-time artist doesn't necessarily mean that you have to dedicate all your time to art. You can have a good balance of family time and art. In my opinion, having different side income at the beginning takes the pressure of your art and creativity. If you keep creating on the side and keep thinking about how you can monetize your personal art projects you will have more time to decide if the full-time freelance artist is the right path for you in a long run. Other than that you can get employed in a company as an artist (graphic design, concept art, illustrator....) Like that, you will have a salary every month and you can support your family with more steady income.

  • Yes, I am definitely asking myself this a lot at the moment! Art is something I enjoy as a hobby but I worry if I pursue it full time it will become a chore. Also my skills are not good enough yet to pursue it as a job but my current day job makes it hard to find the time to practice. Then again my day job being so intense is what makes me wonder about persuing art as a career instead. Also, I live alone so I worry about the unstable income which is not a problem for me at the moment. It’s definitely not an easy decision!

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