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Hey guys, can you please introduce yourself :)

Hi @booksdust @BrookeBowenArt @emsartstudio @alinaradulescu How are you? It would be awesome to learn more about you and what you do. Can you please introduce yourself? 😊


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  • Hi Iva, hi everybody. My name is Ashanti or avisualartist. I'm from Chicago. During my career, I've worked mostly in advertising agencies as an illustrator, production artist and pre-press artist. I work traditionally and digitally. At this point in my life, I would love to be represented in galleries and or work solely on a commision basis.

  • @Iva I am new to forums as well! The only one I've used before is an aquarium fish enthusiast's forum, and I only use that when I'm having problems! The music that inspires me is calm, down to earth and yet passionate stuff. So folk singers like Gordon Lightfoot are important to me, and so are rock bands like Dire Straits where there's a folk influence. For some reason bluegrass music makes me feel emotional and inspired! Try listening to Norman Blake for some bluegrass sounds. My favorite comedy is mainly from Britain, such as Monty Python's Flying Circus. An American show I watch is called Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's very silly.

  • @avisualartist hiiiiiii Ashanti happy to have you here! I also used to work in the advertising agency as a concept designer :) Do you prefer to sketch traditional or digitally nowadays? I am starting to enjoy the traditional art more and more :)

  • @Bluef Hiiiiiii Fern! so happy to have you here. I would love to visit Thailand one day! Maybe you can start your freelance career before graduation :) for many people that was helpful because it was not such a big jump or change after :)

  • @FiendishThingy Great ideas! thank you! I am so bad at searching for music. I like to listen to it but I don't remember any musician names hehehee

  • @Iva I sketch both ways, but I'm 100% traditional when I'm using my sketchbook or if I intend to create a watercolor piece. Otherwise, I tend to work more digital than traditional for everything else.

  • @Iva You said you worked in advertising agencies also, but here in America, I've never heard the term “concept designer” used in an ad agency environment. Is a concept designer like being an art director or a graphic designer in an ad agency where you come from? Concept designer for me is someone you find in the art department of a game company or on a movie production team.

  • @Iva Thank you and let me know when you come visit Thailand! That's a great idea I will try do what I could and start my freelance career but final year at university will require a lot of work. :smile:

  • Hey There! My name is Rim, I am a self taught,freelance fine artist based in Istanbul. My work is mostly using watercolor and acrylic. I do alot of impressionsm painting and urban sketching. I own an online shop and constantly working on both, creating new paintings and products for the shop and educating my self to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge.

    I am fairly new to this self employment path. I started almost a year and a half ago, and I would LOVE to thank you @Iva for all the motivation and inspiration and great content you share with us, I know that your work and interviews has inspired me in many ways to be where i am and where i want to be in the future 💗

    Wishing you all a very productive week ahead!

    Website: www.rimabbadi.com
    Instagram: @rimabbadi

  • LauryartsLauryarts Member
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    :) Hi there. I´m Laury from @Lauryarts I´m an illustrator who loves cats, coffee and pizza in that order. I´m very happy to know you virtualy and I hope to meet in person one day. <3

    I´m started like the majority when i was a little girl in school, one day a boy from my class brought a drawing to the room he had done in his painting class. And I told myself that I could also do something like that despite not being able to pay for an art class. I arrived at my house and I looked for an album of Dragon Ball Z cards and chose Trunks. I ended up using several square sheets of the phone book of the house stuck to each other from behind. I took it to school the next day and nobody believed that I had done it. But the only approval I needed was to know that I was capable of doing what I proposed and that I should believe in myself and in my effort. <3

    Today I am drawing every day striving to improve and create good art. Thanks for reading all this jeje :)

    Thanks @Iva for your videos on YouTube inspire me every day I listen to them while I work daily. Thanks for your time and your effort. A big hug for you. Laury :*

  • mariankooomariankooo Member
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    Hi @Iva @booksdust @BrookeBowenArt @emsartstudio @alinaradulescu Nice to virtually meet you! It would be awesome to learn about your favorite art resources. Ciao

  • Hi everyone! My name’s Emma and I live in Sweden. Just now I’m a teacher and wannabe artist and I do art in my spare time. It would be great to make it more than a hobby one day but I’ve a long way to go! I loved art in school but then took a fairly long break and just recently came back to it and feel like I’m starting from scratch again so I’m trying to relearn and improve my skills at the moment.

  • IvaIva Administrator
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    Hi @emsartstudio ! Happy to have you here!!! Sweeden is so beautiful! I especially enjoyed visiting the Archipelago! Great place for drawing :) I am sure you will gain your desired art skill level soon :) I believe we never stop learning or improving. And improving and learning together is more fun :)

  • Hey @mariankooo Happy to have you here!! What are you specifically interested in? I have collected all kind of resources either from my experience or from Art Side of Life guests at https://artsideoflife.com/resources/ Feel free to browse and let me know if you are looking for something specific.

  • Hey @ramyahegde @agmkek @avisualartist @Bluef @All_Night_Design @alinaradulescu ! Welcome! So happy to have you here :) Can you please introduce yourself. cheers

  • Hello Iva and everyone, I'm Fern or my artist name is Bluef, I'm from Thailand. I'm a university student and hope to be a freelance artist upon graduation. I love sketching traditionally and paint digitally (I like sketching digitally as well) especially characters and nature :)

  • Hey guys, I'm Ramya and I'm a character designer/illustrator from India. I am mostly interested in animation, although I love learning from everywhere, especially the academic/atelier style studying. I'm constantly working at improving my skills and storytelling so that I can express my ideas in better, more relatable stories :smile:

  • Hello! My name is Elsa! I am learning to be a comic book artist, and working on a short graphic novel about a cat named Wallace who goes on a dangerous journey to find a stolen cactus. My influences are mostly comedians and musicians, with some book authors mixed in too. It is fun that we have a forum now!

  • My name is Manu, Im a graphic designer and illustrator. Just on this days Im doing my transition to fulltime artist, pretty traumatic stage of my life :| , trying to set the bases for my future as a illustrator, quitting my fulltime job as a graphic designer in any moment. Just a month ago I started with some illustration commissions, going pretty well, having fun and learning at the same time. Wish me luck on this transition, It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

    Thanks Iva for your videos, and now, forthis amazing community, this are the things that make me go for my dreams and for a life of enjoyment, and not for the money and suffering that a daily job that you hate give you.

    @All_Night_Design **

  • @All_Night_Design yes I know what you are talking about! It is very stressful. I was going through that change 2 years ago. Hope everything goes to plan! Wish you all the luck with the transition! Maybe you can have half not full time employment at the beginning of the transition. I wish I could have done something like that but they didn't allow me to do it, that would be less stressful for me.....Thanks again for watching the videos and joining the community :)

  • @FiendishThingy Hey Elsa! Happy to have you here! Maybe you can recommend us some cool music or comedians to watch? :) .... aaaaaaand to be honest I never used forums before so this is all new for me hehehehe that's why it took me so long to start one....but better later than never :)

  • @ramyahegde heeeeeeeey Ramya! I am so happy that you joined us here! It is so great to see your artistic journey on Instagram! I love all your new color and light storytelling illustrations :) Looking forward to see more :)

  • @avisualartist We used to have concept designers where I worked - digital agency. They were doing campaign and solutions concepts together with either lo-fi sketches to explain concepts together with hi-fi designs for junior designers to finish off. You could say they were like art directors in your understanding.

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