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How do you deal with art block?

Do you go out, play video games or meet with friends?



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  • LuminaaraLuminaara Member
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    I rarely ever experience art *block*, maybe because I simply ignore the block and force myself to draw regardless if I want to or not. I never ask myself if I want to draw - I just start.

    However what helps me to pick up the pen at any time is to look at either my own old OCs or OCs of other people who don't have more skill than I have and draw these characters.
    So sometimes I even take OC requests because bringing a character to life just makes me happy.

    I see so many beginner artists with awesome OC ideas but they cannot execute them well (yet) so idk it boosts my self-confidence a lot when I draw fanart of these characters. And at the same time I make the owner of the OC happy 😄 Win-win!
  • Thanks for sharing @Luminaara That's a great way of practicing and making beginner artists happy 👏

  • I've never experienced an art block. But if I did have trouble coming up with an idea for creating an original piece, I would just do studies until the block passed. Art block or not, I think artists should continuously do studies anyway as warm-ups and as practice to keep one's skills sharp even if the study was not intended to be learning aid for something specific.

  • @avisualartist that's a great idea!

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