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How do you study art?

Are you attending a school, or are you 'self-taught'? Either way, how do you study? Online, offline?



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  • I have been studying art solely online. But I have made a curriculum for myself and do regular assignments and ask for critiques from the online network that I've created over time, to improve :smile:

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    @ramyahegde What a great idea to create a curriculum for yourself! I also prepared topics I wanted to learn beforehand and joined classes I thought would help me the best online. Where is the best way for you to get feedback? Groups? Class website or specific individual artists? I usually like structured feedback from one artist :)

  • I attended the American Academy of Art back in the day. I use to have a small group of artist friends that I shared my art with. They gave me valuable feedback, but unfortunately, we have all gone our separate ways and drifted apart due to work and or geographic location and life in general. So I don't really have anyone to give me feedback anymore. I try to do the best I can with the knowledge I have. Ideally, I would love to have structured feedback from an artist I respect. So occasionally, I will submit a piece to an artist and live streamer on Twitch TV that devotes one of their streams to giving critiques.

  • @ramyahegde I really like the strategy of specializing in different areas for feedback. Also as you mentioned honest and kind feedback at the same time is important 😊
  • I am majoring in Illustration with a concentration in Sequential Art at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design; however I am taking their online classes since I live really far from the campus. I also teach myself what the classes haven't gotten to yet, by asking lots and lots and lots of questions both inside school and out. I watch the colors outside and in photos and TV to feel for different shades I may not have pictured before. Overall I am just highly observant and I never quit thinking.

  • @mariankooo Timed gesture drawings really help. I recommend giving yourself 5 or so minutes for an observational drawing and just do these rapid-fire for an hour or so a few times a week.

  • @Iva I have created a small circle of artist friends that I can rely on for honest, yet kind critiques. I started meeting people on the forum of Oatley Academy..and then I started talking to artists on Instagram and over time built some good relationships. There are several people specializing in different aspects of art that I work on, so depending on the kind of stuff I look for in a critique, I approach a particular person for that.

    @avisualartist that's kind of unfortunate. A good bunch of people are hard to come by. I do hope you find a reliable set of people online though that you can fall back upon :smile:

  • I mainly just use online resources and occasionally a real life workshop if anything is happening nearby which I came make. And I try to sketch in my sketchbook most days, at least on my lunch break at work.

  • @emasartstudio now you can find almost anything on youtube hahahaha but I I also love online resources...also did a bunch of them. I really like when someone explains stuff to me and tell me what to focus on or notice. Shame there is not more live events happening around.

  • @avisualartist That is awesome! It is a great idea to get feedback from artists you admire because most likely they went through the same thing you are going through now and you probably want to achieve the same goals. Maybe you can start a small group of artists again? For example, I found a local sketch club with some cool people. :)

  • @FiendishThingy asking a lot of questions is very smart! I need to get better in observation O-O :)

  • @FiendishThingy thanks for the tip! Makes a lot of sense :)

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