POPULAR: Color Palettes in Procreate

Be More Confident in Your Color Choices and Develop Your Signature Color Style!

In this class, we will go through different fun exercises to build your confidence in creating your own color palettes and picking the colors for your unique taste and art style.

Whether you are a beginner just starting to learn about colors or you are a little bit more experienced illustrator looking into learning some new skills, this class is for you.

What Students Say?

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“Thank you for this class Iva! I’ve been struggling to come up with a certain color palette for my artworks because I seem to love all color combinations! This class helped me put together a color palette that I’ll be using on my upcoming artworks!”

Jean, Student

What You Will Learn

I will explain my color palette creation process step by step. You will learn about:

  • what makes a strong color palette
  • how to test colors so they work well together
  • how you can start developing your signature color style

We will talk about saturation, color harmony, how to use references from real life, creating a mood board, working with thumbnails. You will also learn coloring tips and tricks, and other useful tips along the way.

I will be using Procreate but feel free to use any other digital drawing program or traditional tools.

Let’s experiment and play with colors!

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