Ep.88: Making your art prints special with Fleur de Marie (Coffeshere)

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Key Takeaways

“Make good work that lasts!”

  • When Fleur tries to explain what she does, she says she is a Graphic Designer. In Mexico, when Fleur says she is an animator, the people think she is an entertainer (clown), because of ‘animation’ in Spanish means ‘entertainment’.
  • Her worst/best advice at school was to stop drawing anime and manga style. It actually helped her, because it made her explore more styles and expand her visual knowledge
  • Fleur’s printing style is special. She prints on watercolor-like paper with a great texture that makes her print look like originals. Then she adds golden pieces so they look more special
  • Fleur wishes there was a pricing ‘bluebook’ for artists!

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Special thanks to Fleur de Marie for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Fleur de Marie, used with permission

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