Chris is a game designer and author who specializes in the relationships between video game aesthetics and user experience—particularly the physical movements of players.

He is an author of two books:

“Chris Solarski’s book gives content creators crucial insights into interactive story composition and how to adapt these concepts for transmedia storytelling.”
Marc Forster, Film Director and Producer

Chris is currently collaborating with an internationally renowned artist, Phil Hale, to develop an indie game based on the Johnny Badhair series of paintings. He also lectures at SAE Institute in Zurich and coordinates the IGDA Switzerland Chapter.

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Key Takeaways

“Always think big, 1000% bigger because even if you achieve only 10% of that, it’s still incredible!”

  • Chris is a game designer who wrote two books about game design in connection with fine arts
  • He is taking pictures of his progress to motivate himself. It’s always good to see your own progress!
  • Best advice, Chris received was to always study the old masters and the craft of bringing everything to life.
  • Best education in arts is to take artwork of your favorite artist and copy it as precisely as possible. You will study the details and the reasoning and technique of why did the artist do certain things in certain ways
  • Chris has a practical advice for communicating with clients – always follow up with your communication to show a real passion for projects or when reaching out to artists you admire. Your initial messages may get lost, but if you show you really care, you will get an answer eventually!

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Special thanks to Chris for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Chris Solarski, used with permission

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