Chantal is an Illustrator and concept artist living and working in Germany. She attended the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, where she trained to draw and paint traditionally.

She enjoys working on imaginal fantasy-related projects, which she does mostly digital nowadays.

I like to describe my work as having a tendency to being melancholic and withdrawn. I love to paint adorned and graceful creatures often combined with organic and nature related elements.

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Key Takeaways

“You always have a unique thing about your art, just search for it and stay true to it”

  • Chantal went to school for fine arts, but instead of learning, it was a very free way of doing arts. She missed instructions, tasks that would put her through some things and make her better
  • Don’t quit on art! Keep learning. The drive to learn is what makes it fun, you want to get better. Nowadays with internet you can see so much out there and if you have the drive to learn, get better, compare your progress with your art from past years, you can achieve many things
  • In the beginning, Chantal was very overwhelmed. It was so much to learn, she thought she can never learn all of that. Later she went more with interest. You need to have a certain idea about the basics, but she is not stuck to be perfect at everything …
  • When Chantal does a painting and she discovers a challenge, she goes and studies about it to finish that particular drawing, because otherwise, she would have tons of studies done, but nothing finished, so she takes it more practical … She knows what she needs and she studies that

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Special thanks to Chantal for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Chantal Horeis, used with permission

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