Ep.58: Carlos Ortega Elizalde about learning 3D art by himself and his artistic journey

Carlos is a self taught 3D artist and graphic designer from Mexico. He studied Graphic Design, but since he discovered 3D, it became his passion and he learned everything by himself in his free time, using software documentation, books and internet tutorials.

He is most known for his stunning character designs, perfectly rendered in 3D.

He is currently working on a short film of his own with some of his friends. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

His dream as an artist has always been to leave a little part of himself for the industry and that’s why he wants to create online tutorials for aspiring CG artists to learn from.

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Key Takeaways

“Just keep learning, every time you can, keep being curious!”

  • Carlos decided to go freelance because one day he had enough. True, he was in a comfort zone – constant income, flexible schedule, lot of free time. However, he saw all the others doing 3D every day, and he wanted that too!
  • It was difficult to start, most of his learning came from the internet. He didn’t have a mentor or anybody to ask. It took a lot of time for him to learn. He was desperate, he immediately wanted to do something great but it looked terrible. Start with 0, start with boxes, glasses, cups, learn the basics to understand what goes behind all of it and only then go to more complex things
  • Once Carlos moved to the studio where everybody was doing 3D, it was so much better. He was surrounded by people with the same passion
  • Comparing freelance and studio life, Carlos says, it’s kind of hard to freelance because you have to have discipline and motivation at the same time. In the studio, motivation is not that important at all times.
  • He wants to do a course/tutorial, he wants to give back, because he learned a lot online, so maybe in 2018

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Special thanks to Carlos for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Carlos Ortega Elizalde Aldoori, used with permission

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