Best Bezel Less Monitor in 2021

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Table of Contents

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Ok, I admit it – artists are no different than normal people. Well, we may be different, and we often are, but … 

What I mean, though, is that we, just like everybody else, sometimes want a new toy – and maybe especially a new tech toy – just because it is new, cool and beautiful.

And the newest generation of big, beautiful monitors with ultra-thin bezels, while they are admittedly super-cool, shiny and pretty, can also be important to digital artists, photographers and animators – yes, I know that sounds like a justification to purchase the latest and greatest gadgets, but it’s actually true.

Why is a Bezel Less Monitor Good for Designers and Artists?

In the most simple terms, the main advantage of a bezel less monitor display, also known as borderless monitor or frameless monitor is clear, uncompromised vision. 

When we work in color, even a slight color tint to the edge of the screen can throw off the apparent colors on the screen, and our perception of them, even very slightly (and there is always at least a little tint in, or reflected by, the plastic border). This is true also with how the border – essentially a long strip of plastic all around the screen – can affect our perception of composition, geometry and symmetry, balance, line and flow and other aspects of composition.

While lots of blogs and review sites talk about how you will get more working area, though, that’s not really the case – the size of a monitor is measured from corner to corner of the active display screen, and is not effected by the size of the bezel, or border. Still, the best edgeless displays can offer a real advantage for all kinds of work, and if color is as big and important in your work as it is in mine, they can actually make a huge difference.

What is a Bezel Less Monitor?

Bezel less monitor, also called frameless monitor, borderless or edgeless monitor, remove that long strip of plastic frame, or bezel, from the top and sides of the screen, and sometimes even the bottom, leaving just active display space, and thus eliminating the plastic strips and the perceptual distortions they can cause. 

There is always a very thin bit of border still there, but it is so thin that we don’t register it in the same way, and it interferes with our perception at a much, much lower level.

And yes, getting back to the slick and cool part, they also just look better, clean, modern and new. This does, of course, inspire a deep tech-jones, but it also can be justified, I suppose. Let’s say you have a client coming into your studio – just imagine how impressed they will be by the uncluttered, minimalist look of your equipment. 

Surely, they will think to themself, this is the artist for my job!

Do You Really Need a Bezel Less Monitor?

If you are working a lot in colors, or if you just love colors and they are an important part of your work, I would say yes, a good bezel less monitor would be a great idea and well worth considering. 

Also, if you work with very precise details, or if balance, symmetry, perspective or any aspect of geometry in composition is important, your ability to clearly and accurately render and see these things will be better with a bezel less monitor, and with any kind of work the best frameless monitor seem to allow higher levels of concentration.

Professional photographers, architects and engineers all seem to have nice, bezel less monitor, as if they feel it absolutely necessary to their demanding, high precision work. 

But commercial and fine artists require the same levels of precision, concentration and clear, undistorted perception, and the best frameless monitors will make quite a difference to our work – and they’re not really any more expensive than more standard designs. 

So if you want or need to buy a new monitor anyway, you might as well live on the edge.

144 Hz Refresh Rate, Multi-Monitor Setups and Other Unimportant Factors

While researching the best bezel less monitor available today, you might have been advised to ask about refresh rate as well, but what does this even mean, and why is it important? What exactly is a 144Hz refresh rate monitor, and do you even need one?

144Hz refresh rate refers to the rate at which a monitor’s picture flashes, or “refreshes” on the screen – 144 times in one second. 

This is more than twice as fast as standard 60 Hz monitor refresh rate, and it can make a big difference – but not really to us. 

Gamers, on the other hand, insist on higher refresh rate for the smoothest and least jittery action, and they also love bezel less monitor for multi-screen setups. 

But they also have both the equipment and software that can take full advantage of faster refresh rate, and the games themselves will treat several monitors like one big screen – and when your berserking death troll, speeding F1 racer or FIFA superstar goes from one screen to the next the last thing you want is a big fat bezel to break up the action. 

Can you tell I don’t really game?

And so, unless you have accidentally purchased a gaming computer with an advanced GPU (graphics processing unit), and you are spending more time on Call of Duty than on Illustrator or Photoshop, the question of refresh rate is not important. 

And while you may want to have more than one monitor for extra work space and multi-tasking, you aren’t likely to be concerned with how smoothly your document appears to go from the folder on the left screen to the folder on the right.

Borderless design, however, is important for artists for other reasons, as we’ve discussed, and is nice looking and nice to have as well. 

And the great news is that you can easily find the best borderless monitor for an artist, offering great resolution, contrast, brightness, accurate colors and accurate geometry, which is also easy on your eyes and on your budget.

Summary Table: What are the Best Bezel less Monitors for Me?

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Skillshare is an affordable online learning community with awesome classes for creative and curious people, on topics including Procreate, illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, self-care and more.

This buyer’s guide for the best bezel less monitors in 2021 will take all of those factors into consideration, and I will recommend eight absolutely brilliant frameless monitors for artists, photographers, videographers, editors, animators, engineers and anybody who works with colors, images, animation, video or other visuals.

So, if you have a good idea of your budget, you can choose the monitor that you can afford from the list below and be sure you’re getting the very best frameless monitor for your money. They all come with everything you will need to set them up, and are all compatible with Windows or Apple computers.

I know that shopping, research and decision making can be stressful, and so I really hope this buyer’s guide for the best bezel less monitors for artists in 2021 will help take the edge off!

With full 4K ultra high definition resolution and extraordinary brightness, color saturation and fidelity, contrast and range of light, the Samsung Space SR75 32 inch bezel less monitor has one of the most beautiful displays I’ve ever seen, and will certainly meet the needs and requirements of even the most demanding, high-level artist or engineer.

The premium quality finish, brilliant clamp-stand and edgeless design also make this one of the finest looking monitors on the desk. 

The stand allows the Samsung Space SR75 to take up less space, causing less clutter and distraction and encouraging more concentrated work. Luckily, this superb monitor also has an eye saver mode which relieves your eyes without compromising its industry-leading color fidelity, display quality, resolution and accuracy, allowing for longer, less fatiguing work sessions.

Not just one of the very best bezel less monitors on the market today, the Samsung Space SR75 is one of the finest monitors for artists overall, and a superb product in every way.

Surprisingly inexpensive for a monitor from Eizo – the industry leader in professional computer displays for art, graphics, engineering and scientific industries – and especially for a monitor with this kind of over-engineering and this level of performance, the EIZO FlexScan EV2785 borderless design monitor is fully up to the needs of even the most demanding commercial or fine artist.

With full 4K UHD resolution, superb contrast and brightness, this EIZO FlexScan looks noticeably better than pretty much any other monitor I’ve used, and really allows for the highest levels of accuracy, detail and precision in your work. And, like other EIZO professional-grade monitors, it is designed for long work sessions with a minimum of fatigue or eye strain.

Featuring IPS switching technology and 24 bit color, along with the very best design (including, of course, borderless edges), engineering and material quality, the EIVO FlexScan 27 inch monitor can display 16.7 million colors with superb accuracy and brightness, and is an idea choice for color-critical work, or for color-loving artists like myself! And the ultra high resolution makes this a perfect choice for even the most intense and exacting detail work, giving an artist an almost unprecedented level of visibility and control.

Even at almost $1,200 dollars, the EIZO FlexScan EV2785 27″ Professional Color Graphics Monitor is an easy recommendation, and the best value available today in a truly professional standard bezel less monitor for artists.

The ViewSonic VP3268 edgeless design bezel less monitor not only offers the lowered distraction and interference possible with an ultra-thin bezel on all four sides, but superb performance overall in terms of color range, accuracy and saturation, and great color consistency edge to edge. Indeed, for the relatively low price, this Viewsonic bezel less monitor easily competes with displays which are much more expensive.

In addition to its ultimate color accuracy, the VP3268 also has stunning high-resolution 4K graphics and great brightness and contrast, and really the performance is almost unbelievable on every level for a display at this price point. And still the ViewSonic edgeless monitor manages to also have excellent material quality fit and finish, and offers a full three year warranty.

Highly recommended to any visual artist, the ViewSonic VP3268 borderless monitor will facilitate work on the very highest levels, and its color performance (among many other things) is as good as it gets at this level or anywhere close.

Offering very similar specifications to the ViewSonic 32 inch monitor above, the Dell Ultrasharp 27 Inch bezel less monitor is a great alternative for a smaller screen at a lower price.

Still offering full 4K high resolution graphics and exceptional color coverage, accuracy and depth, superior brightness and contrast and extremely precise, low distortion geometry from edge to edge, the Dell Ultrasharp’s display is as stunning as the ViewSonic, and as good for even the highest level of work – especially color-critical work.

And the Dell also offers a full three year warranty on their UltraSharp U2718 Q monitor, which has a similarly high level of fit and finish, and is reportedly an exceptionally reliable unit.

The best choice I know for working artists in a mid-sized monitor with stunning graphics and superb color rendition, and at a moderate price, the Dell UltraSharp borderless design bezel less monitor is highly recommended.

A company that has taken a lot of design and engineering cues from the industry leading professional monitor manufacturer Eizo (whose wonderful precision 27 inch professional edgeless design monitor can be seen above), BenQ is no slavish imitator, but makes really superb high-resolution and high-accuracy monitors perfect for critical commercial and fine artists – and at a fraction of the cost.

And while the overall material quality, fit and finish of the BenQ PD2700U bezel less monitor may not be as high as the essentially industrial-grade Eizo screens, it is nonetheless a rugged, well built and dependable monitor.

The BenQ frameless design monitor even has higher 4K UHD resolution than the Eizo, factory calibrated colors and incredible brightness and contrast. In actual practice I would have to give the edge to the much more expensive Eizo, which is a better monitor for the most critical precision work, but it’s a close call.

For commercial and fine artists who work a lot in color, the BenQ PD2700U bezel less monitor is surely the very best value on the market today – a truly professional grade artist’s tool with a stunningly beautiful display.

It might come as a surprise that the least expensive recommendation on my buyer’s guide for best bezel less monitors in 2021 comes in at almost 300 dollars – I mean, there are lots of decent units out there for half that or less, and some with the nice, pretty ultra-thin bezel and all.

What they won’t have, though, is the exceptionally high color accuracy and wide color coverage of the Asus ProArt 27 inch bezel less monitor, which is such a critical factor for any color-critical work and pretty much any working artist.

While some of the other specifications may not be on the level of the other, often much more expensive monitors on the list, the Asus ProArt still has full WQHD high resolution, superb brightness and contrast, and overall a deep, vivid and stunningly lifelike display.

And, with a brilliant adjustable stand and Asus’ great Eye Care technology, the ProArt edgeless design monitor is easy to use even for extended work sessions. A perfect choice for the critical fine or commercial artist on a budget who wants something approaching the highest levels of color accuracy, coverage, saturation and beauty for an extremely modest price.

Final Thoughts: Do You Really Need a Bezel less Monitor?

Featured Resource

Skillshare is an affordable online learning community with awesome classes for creative and curious people, on topics including Procreate, illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, self-care and more.

If you are buying a new computer monitor these days, it seems silly not to choose one with the modern, thin-bordered design of an edgeless monitor. They really do look much nicer, and the ultra-thin edges distract you less from whatever you’re meant to be looking at or working with on the screen.

If you are working in commercial or fine art, any kind of graphics, technical drawing, drafting, architecture, film or video, animation or any other work which requires clear, undistorted vision, concentration and precision with color, light and shading, geometry, composition or fine detail, you might even consider one of the best quality frameless monitors available today a real necessity, and will find that it improves your concentration and your work substantially.

Thanks so much for reading my latest article – Best Bezel Less Monitors for 2021: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide –and I encourage you to visit my blog – Art Side of Life – for other buyer’s guides, online courses, articles and lots of other resources.

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