Baylee joined YouTube back in 2011 with her Baylee Creations channel where she has now over 90 million views and 830K subscribers!

She creates all kinds of videos related to art, like speed-paints, hauls, product reviews, tutorials, and more. She also has two other channels with art and personal vlogging Bumble Baylee (daily vlogs) and Doodle Domain (art for kids).

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Key Takeaways

“Do what you want and if you want to make art to be your career, just go for it … you have just one life and if you miss it, you miss it”

  • For Baylee, YouTube was a hobby on the side and eventually became a full-time job
  • She was nervous to make that plunge and what persuaded her was a call with another YouTuber, a full-timer. They talked about YouTube in general, about following dreams. They advised her to jump in and go for it …
  • Baylee structures her days in ‘batching’. She assigns different days to different things
  • The biggest thing for YouTube. Try to let your personality to come through. You get nervous at first, so if you are shy to show your face, just try to speak in the videos instead of subtitles or music. At least start with your voice and try to talk like with a friend. People will become attached to you
  • “Follow your heart and do all the art”

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Special thanks to Baylee for joining me today. See you next time!

Art Side of Life Newsletter

All artworks by Baylee Jae, used with permission

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