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50+ Art Styles You Can Try in Procreate in 2024

Iva Mikles
50+ Art Styles You Can Try in Procreate in 2024

In my experience, blending elements from both historical and contemporary art styles is important for evolving your unique visual language. Check out my guide covering 50+ art styles you can integrate into your Procreate artworks, complete with tips on how to integrate them and inspirational Pinterest boards.


1. Watercolors

Illustration: I made this illustration using my Watercolor Procreate Brush Set - ©Art Side of Life

Read more about watercolor painting on WIKIPEDIA.

2. Sketchbooking

Illustration: I made these illustrations using my Sketching Procreate Brush Set - ©Art Side of Life

3. Gouache

Illustration: I made this illustration using my Gouache Procreate Brush Set - ©Art Side of Life

Read more about gouache on WIKIPEDIA.

4. Oils

Graphic: Evolve Artist Program Student's Progress - ©Evolve Artist

Read more about oil painting on WIKIPEDIA.

5. Abstract Art

Read more about abstract art on WIKIPEDIA.

6. Art Nouveau

Read more about Art Nouveau on WIKIPEDIA.

7. Pixel Art

Read more about pixel art on WIKIPEDIA.

8. Pop Art

Read more about pop art on WIKIPEDIA.

9. Surrealism

Read more about surrealism on WIKIPEDIA.

10. Graffiti

Read more about graffiti on WIKIPEDIA.

11. Impressionism

Read more about Impressionism on WIKIPEDIA

12. Cubism

Read more about Cubism on WIKIPEDIA

13. Realism

Read more about Realism on WIKIPEDIA

14. Anime/Manga

Read more about Manga on Wikipedia.

15. Pointillism

Read more about Pointillism on WIKIPEDIA.

16. Art Deco

Read more about Art Deco on WIKIPEDIA.

17. Charcoal Drawing

Read more about Charcoal in Art on WIKIPEDIA.

18. Comic Book Art

Read more about Comic Books on WIKIPEDIA.

19. Minimalism

Read more about Minimalism in Visual Arts on WIKIPEDIA.

20. Renaissance

Read more about The Renaissance on WIKIPEDIA.

21. Gothic

Read more about Gothic Art on WIKIPEDIA.

22. Futurism

Read more about Futurism on WIKIPEDIA.

23. Expressionism

Read more about Expressionism on WIKIPEDIA.

24. Fauvism

Read more about Fauvism on WIKIPEDIA.

25. Baroque

Read more about Baroque on WIKIPEDIA.

26. Neoclassicism

Read more about Neoclassicism on WIKIPEDIA.

27. Rococo

Read more about Rococo on WIKIPEDIA.

28. Constructivism

Read more about Constructivism on WIKIPEDIA.

29. Surrealist Photography

Learn more about conceptual surrealist photography from Anya Anti in Episode 77 of Art Side of Life Pod.

30. Victorian

Read more about Victorian Era on WIKIPEDIA.

31. Digital Collage

Learn more about digital collages from Nazario Graziano in Art Side of Life written interviews series.

32. Photorealism

Read more about Photorealism on WIKIPEDIA.

33. Urban Sketching

Learn more about Urban Sketching from Teoh Yi Chie on the Art Side of Life Podcast.

34. Modernism

Read more about Modernism on WIKIPEDIA.

35. Byzantine

Read more about Byzantine Art on WIKIPEDIA.

36. Psychedelic

Read more about Psychedelic Art on WIKIPEDIA.

37. Trompe-l’oeil

Read more about Trompe-l’œil on WIKIPEDIA.

38. Ukiyo-e (Japanese Woodblock Prints)

Read more about Ukiyo-e on WIKIPEDIA.

39. Concept Art

Read more about Concept Art on WIKIPEDIA.

40. Art Brut (Outsider Art)

Read more about Outsider Art on WIKIPEDIA.

41. Bauhaus

Read more about Bauhaus on WIKIPEDIA.

42. Kinetic Art

Explore Kinetic Art on WIKIPEDIA.

43. Pre-Raphaelite

Discover the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood on WIKIPEDIA.

44. Ornamental Design

Learn about Ornament in Art on WIKIPEDIA.

45. Lowbrow (Pop Surrealism)

Investigate the Lowbrow Art Movement on WIKIPEDIA.

46. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Art

47. Nordic Design

48. Art Informel

Understand Informalism on WIKIPEDIA.

49. Environmental Art

Get insights into Environmental Art on WIKIPEDIA.

50. Collage Art

Read more about collage art and montage in my interview with montagist Patric Boyer.

51. Cyberpunk

Check out Cyberpunk on WIKIPEDIA.

52. Magical Realism

Find out about Magic Realism on WIKIPEDIA.

53. Engraving Style

Explore the world of Engraving on WIKIPEDIA.


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