Ep.32: Alisa Vysochina on how to choose the right printer and paper for selling your art prints

I’m an illustrator, baked goods consumer, cat hugger and tea drinker, living in Seattle, WA.

Alisa is a freelance illustrator, primarily working with watercolors. She loves plants and flowers which reflect in her beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Check out her YouTube channel where she has over 50K followers with videos about Art Supply Haul + More!,  Creating big illustration || Watercolor drawing “GREENHOUSE” or other water color art videos!

Currently, she has been super busy making new stuff for her store that she is planning to open in July, selling vinyl stickers and art prints.

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Key Takeaways

“Just draw, don’t be afraid to ask for advice, don’t be afraid to approach artists you like and be adventurous and try more stuff”

  • Alisa didn’t consider art as a career because she was afraid she would lose such a cool hobby. If you do something too much, it becomes a ‘chore’. She studied Law
  • Alisa used to hate drawing plants & nature, but it organically grew on her. She became more patient and now she loves to draw plants
  • Don’t critique young artists – you should make them happy about art. At a young age it’s more important to make them fall in love with art instead of critique. They will eventually learn the right techniques
  • “Be nice to yourself and to other artists, because the world is harsh and eventually you will get a lot of critique from everywhere, even if you don’t ask for it … “

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Special thanks to Alisa for joining me today. See you next time!

All artworks by Alisa Vysochina, used with permission

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